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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is SkyDesk Reports?

2. Who should use SkyDesk Reports?

3. What is the difference between Spreadsheets and SkyDesk Reports?

4. What type of reports can be created in SkyDesk Reports?

5. Does SkyDesk Reports support creating Dashboards?

6. What are the SkyDesk Services SkyDesk Reports is integrated with?

7. Can SkyDesk Reports be used as an Online Database?

8. What are the browsers supported by SkyDesk Reports?

9. What is the best viewed screen resolution for SkyDesk Reports?

10. What are the languages that SkyDesk Reports user interface is available in?

11. How do I change the language of my SkyDesk Reports User Interface?

12. How secure is my data in SkyDesk Reports service?

13. What are the security and privacy policies of SkyDesk?


1. How much does SkyDesk Reports cost?

2. Do you offer free version of SkyDesk Reports?

3. Why should I go for priced plans? What are the benefits in using the priced service?

4. How do you define a "User" by SkyDesk Reports Pricing model?

5. Who is defined as the "Account Administrator"?

6. How is the "Number of rows" stored counted?

7. Will I get Technical Support as part of my subscription?

8. Do you offer bulk pricing packages (with users and rows)?

Sign Up and Account Set up

1. How to modify my account settings?

2. How to change/reset my password?

3. Can I add multiple Email ID's for my account?

4. Is it possible to change my primary Email ID?

5. Where can I get more details about My Account setup?

Data Import/ Synchronization from Files, Databases and Applications

1. What are the file formats from which you can import data into SkyDesk Reports?

2. Any restriction on the size of data files that could be imported from the user interface?

3. How to upload large data files into SkyDesk Reports?

4. How to upload/push data files from in-house and hosted applications into SkyDesk Reports?

5. How to upload data from local databases like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL, MS Access etc., to SkyDesk Reports?

6. How to upload/push/import data periodically into SkyDesk Reports?

7. Do you offer APIs to import/upload data into SkyDesk Reports?

8. Can I add data directly into SkyDesk Reports?

Data Modeling

1. Does SkyDesk Reports support Relational modeling?

2. Can I join tables/datasets to create reports in SkyDesk Reports?

3. Does SkyDesk Reports support SQL (Structured Query Language) Querying?

4. What are the SQL Dialects supported by SkyDesk Reports?

Sharing, Collaboration, Publishing and Export

1. Can I share my data and reports created in SkyDesk Reports with other users?

2. Can I embed/publish the tables, reports & dashboards created in SkyDesk Reports into my Website, Web Application and Blogs?

3. Can I allow others to edit the data in my workspace?

4. Can I allow others to create reports in my workspace?

5. Can I allow others to upload data in my workspace?

6. Can I generate a standalone URL (permalink) for the reports created in SkyDesk Reports?

7. Can I export my reports created in SkyDesk Reports? If yes, what are the supported formats?

8. Can I Email the reports as attachment? If yes, can I schedule the emails to be sent automatically at specified time intervals?

Integration With Other SkyDesk Services

1. What are the SkyDesk Services SkyDesk Reports is integrated with?

2. Does SkyDesk Reports integrate with SkyDesk CRM?

3. Is there an integration between SkyDesk Reports and SkyDesk Creator?

Integration with External Services

1. What are the External applications SkyDesk Reports integrates or provides connection with?

2. Do you offer integration with Google Adwords?

3. Does SkyDesk Reports offer API's to integrate with other applications?


1. Does SkyDesk Reports support Web (HTTP) APIs for adding, updating and querying the workspace?

2. What are the operations supported in APIs?

3. What are the programming languages wrappers (client library) offered for SkyDesk Reports APIs?

4. Does SkyDesk Reports support APIs for sharing?


1. Does SkyDesk Reports support Re-branding?

Help & Support

1. How to know more about the product?

2. How do I get technical support?

3. Do you offer telephone support?

4. How can I get information about new features/announcements?


1. Can SkyDesk Reports be accessed from handheld devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, etc.?

2. What is the difference between SkyDesk Reports and SkyDesk Creator?

3. How to choose between SkyDesk Reports and SkyDesk Creator?

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