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Multiple Workspace Owners

In SkyDesk Reports the administrator can grant administrative privileges to a user on a workspace through the role called Workspace Owner. If a user has been added as a workspace owner, then the owner inherits all the privileges on the workspace as that of the Administrator, except for the permission to rename and delete the workspace.

Add/Edit Workspace Owner

To add a user as an workspace owner, open the corresponding workspace listing in the "My Home" page. Invoke Share -> Add/Edit Workspace Owner option in the toolbar of the Explorer tab. A dialog box appears as below.

In the Specify DB Owners tab, list the users whom you want to add as workspace owners. You need to provide the email addresses of the users (or SkyDesk Reports User ID) with which they have registered to SkyDesk Reports account.

You can add users using Add Users From option, which provides you with the options to pick users from the following contacts lists.

  • Existing Shared Users
  • SkyDesk Contacts
  • Google Contacts

Each of these options are explained in detail under Sharing Views to a User topic.

You can delete a user as a owner of the workspace by deleting his email address from the list under the Specify DB Owners tab.
Once you have included/edited the users, click on the Next button to go to the Sending Invitation Mail tab. A dialog box appears as below.

In this tab you can send Invitation mails to the new workspace owners, with a link to the corresponding workspace. In the Subject box and Message box, you could type your own subject and message if you want to.

Additionally, by selecting the Removed Members option, user(s) removed as a workspace owner from this workspace will also be notified. Click Add to complete the process.

Look for the message "Admin users have been successfully added. Notification email has also been sent to the users" at the top right corner of your screen, confirming the process.

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