Reports Help

Sharing Views

SkyDesk Reports Workspace is a logical grouping of datasets, stored in entities called Tables. The workspace also contains structural information on how the data (table) is organized. To create reports over your data for analyses, you need to store your data in SkyDesk Reports Workspace.


Sharing the reports to users is a private and secured sharing model. You can share the reports to your users' accounts securely. In case they do not have a SkyDesk Account at the time of sharing, they can create a SkyDesk Account using the E-mail ID to which you have shared the reports to access the reports.

You can share the required view using the Share buttom in toolbar menu. SkyDesk Reports allows you to share view with fine grained permissions.

Refer to Sharing and Collaboration and Managing Users sections to learn more about these sharing options and user models in SkyDesk Reports..


SkyDesk Reports also enables you to share reports by publishing with private access with/without login or with public access for wider audience. Any changes you make to the view or the underlying data will be reflected in the embedded version of the view automatically. You can Publish the views in your account using the Publish buttom in toolbar menu.

To know more about the Publishing Options in detail, refer to the Publishing Options section.

Exporting and Emailing

SkyDesk Reports offers exporting and emailing options to enable you to view the reports when you work online and share them securely with users who do not have a SkyDesk account. You can also print the exported PDF copy of the report.