Reports Help

Creating an Account

Seting up an account in SkyDesk Reports could be acheived with few simple steps. This section provides required information on account setup and customizing it as needed.


It is sufficient to have a web browser and SkyDesk account to use SkyDesk Reports.

Click here to check the system requirement for SkyDesk Reports.


SkyDesk Reports offers an Always Free Plan ($0) targeted at small end reporting requirements. It supports 2 users, 5 workspaces and 10,000 rows in your account.
You can choose any one of the Editions for your SkyDesk Reports account.

  • Free Edition
  • Standard Edition
  • Professional Edition
  • Professional Plus Edition
  • Enterprise Edition

SkyDesk Reports User Interface

SkyDesk Reports is such a user friendly tool that you can start creating your workspaces and reports immediately after you sign In. No other configuration is required.

The following is an illustration of the SkyDesk Reports Home screen.

Logo Re-branding

SkyDesk Reports supports logo re-branding. This enables you to customize the logo and URL link in the service. You can also change the Powered by Logo.

Note: You can add your custom logo in your reports while exporting as image or PDF. For more details refer to Exporting, Printing and Emailing Reports section.