Reports Help

Creating Workspace

SkyDesk Reports Workspace is a logical grouping of datasets, stored in entities called Tables. The workspace also contains structural information on how the data (table) is organized. To create reports over your data for analyses, you need to store your data in SkyDesk Reports Workspace.

Creating a Workspace

SkyDesk Reports offers various options to create a workspace. You can easily access these options from SkyDesk Reports home screen. You can create a workspace by choosing the option that suits your scenerio. To know how to creating workspace, refer to Creating Workspace section.

Note: In SkyDesk Reports, only the account Administrator has the privilege to create a workspace.

Creating a Table

SkyDesk Reports stores all your tabular data/datasets in entities called Tables.You can add one or more tables with logical related datasets in a workspace. SkyDesk Reports provides various options for creating a table. You can either create a table by importing data from your source or by directly design then and enter data into it. For more details about the table, refer to What is a Table section.

Importing Data

SkyDesk Reports enables you to import the data you have locally stored in tabular file formats like CSV, XLS (Excel), Google Spreadsheets (Google Drive) and HTML files and start creating reports on them. You can import with maximum 500,000 rows or a file size limit of 50 MB at a time using SkyDesk Reports Import Wizard. To import data that exceeds this limit, you need to use SkyDesk Reports Upload Tool.

Creating an Query Table

In SkyDesk Reports, you can use our Query Table to pull data from different tables with your own SQL query (SELECT) which can involve more than one table using JOINS or UNION. A saved Query table looks and acts similar to any other table in the SkyDesk Reports workspace and can further be used to create any type of report over it, as you do over a table. This will be useful in analysing variour datasets stores in different tables.

Managing Workspace

SkyDesk Reports Explorer tab enables you to organise your tables and view in a workspace. When you open a workspace, the Explorer tab will be opened by default. This cannot be closed. You can create folders within a workspace and organize the reports in a logical manner as needed. You will also find a navigation bar at the left for easy navigation.

Backup Workspace

The Workspace Backup option in SkyDesk Reports enables you to backup data from the tables and queries from the query tables. In event your workspace was deleted accidentally, you can restore it by importing the backup data. Since data will be modified continuously SkyDesk Reports enables to schedule periodical backup.

You can schedule back-up by clicking Backup icon adjacent to the workspace name and specify the scheduled period in the Backup Setting dialog. Click Save. Data in the corresponding workspace will be copied in the specified period and will be available as a ZIP file in a download link.

Note:Data backup will not copy the Views in a workspace. To backup views you need to copy the workspace without data using the Copy link under the corresponding workspace name. If views are deleted accidently, then you can make this copy as main workspace and import the data into it.