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Chart is a visual representation of data which allows you to quickly & easily analyze and interpret data. SkyDesk Reports provides an easy to use drag and drop interface to create charts fast and easy. It supports a wide range of chart types including Line, Bar, Stacked Bar, Pie, Scatter, Funnel, Web and Tables.

SkyDesk Reports offers wide range of customization options to customize your charts, including Titles, Colors, Legends, Tooltips, etc., These options enables you to customize the chart the way you want it. SkyDesk Reports also supports comprehensive filtering capability to filter the data that you see in the charts.

For users who view/access the charts, SkyDesk Reports offers a range of interactivity options like On Mouse over highlights, Data Drill Down, Legend based filters, User Filters, Chart Exports, etc.,
Following screen-shot displays the basic Chart Items that are available to all chart types

In this chapter we will discuss about the following: