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SkyDesk Reports CloudSQL

Query SkyDesk Reports Cloud with Structured Query Language ("SQL")

What is SkyDesk CloudSQL?

SkyDesk with its wide range of hosted productivity and business applications collects, mines and exposes a lot of structured and unstructured data to users. For developers working over the SkyDesk Platform, to extend and customize the various web services, it offers a comprehensive Web API over HTTP for most of the SkyDesk Services.

SkyDesk CloudSQL is a platform API service that enables developers to use Standard SQL (Structured Query Language) querying over the Web, to access and manipulate data that is available in various SkyDesk Services in the Cloud (hence the name CloudSQL). SQL being a standard query language of workspaces and data marts, it provides a much familiar and expressive development model for developers, thus making it easy to adopt and develop upon. With CloudSQL, SkyDesk Platform becomes first of its kind to offer full fledged standard SQL Querying over the Web.

Developers could execute SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE SQL statements over the Web to handle the data in SkyDesk Services with CloudSQL. Another powerful facet of CloudSQL is the support for multiple SQL dialects which could be used by developers to construct their SQL queries. CloudSQL supports SQL queries written in any of ANSI, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Informix dialects. This enables developers to easily adopt CloudSQL, if they are familiar in any one of the workspace dialects mentioned.

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SkyDesk Reports and SkyDesk CloudSQL

SkyDesk Reports, the online reporting and business intelligence service, is the first SkyDesk service to adopt SkyDesk CloudSQL. Developers could execute SQL SELECT statements over the web to handle the data in SkyDesk Reports.

Key Highlights of SkyDesk Reports CloudSQL Implementation

The key highlights of SkyDesk Reports CloudSQL implementation are:

  • SQL querying over HTTP
    • Currently it supports SELECT querying over HTTP
    • INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements will be supported soon
  • Supports SQL Querying in multiple dialects including ANSI, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, MySQL, Sybase, PostgreSQL and Informix dialects. Users can execute queries written in any of this dialects.