Google AdWords Reporting and Analysis

Google AdWords is the most popular online advertising avenue for most businesses. It is important to analyze the investment made and the returns achieved on any marketing campaign to measure its success and to apply necessary refinements to get the maximum returns for the money invested. The same applies for Google AdWords campaigns.

Unfortunately, although Google AdWords has been the most popular online advertising avenue, there is a lack of powerful adwords reporting and analysis tools to analyze the effectiveness of your Google AdWords campaigns. Inbuilt reports and tools offered by Google AdWords lack flexibility and the necessary features required. With Google AdWords being the lifeblood of many businesses, understanding the money invested, the returns realized and refinements required to effectively capitalize on this marketing investment is very critical and essential.

Google AdWords Reporting and Performance Analysis using SkyDesk Reports

SkyDesk Reports with its powerful and easy to use on-demand reporting and analysis features can really help you in this regard. You can analyze your Google AdWords account's performance easily with SkyDesk Reports and get useful insights in no time. This page explains how you can use SkyDesk Reports to generate reports for analyzing your Google AdWords Campaigns' and Ad Groups' performance.

SkyDesk Reports provides default templates - "Google AdWords Campaign Performance Analysis" and "Google AdWords Ad Groups Performance Analysis" - for analyzing your / your clients' Google AdWords account Campaigns and Ad Groups performance respectively. These templates provide insightful reports that enable you to easily analyze the performance of your Google AdWords Campaigns. You can also create your own reports for further analysis.

Sample Workspaces with the same names are also available for your reference. You can also create a copy of the sample workspace and play with the sample data provided.

In the following sections, we will go through the step-by-step instructions on how to use the SkyDesk Reports templates for your own Google AdWords Campaign/Ad Groups analysis.

Getting Data from Google AdWords

Importing and Analyzing the AdWords data in SkyDesk Reports

Your AdWords data would get imported into SkyDesk Reports. Click on any of the default reports created to analyze the AdWords data imported.

Important points to note on using the workspace created: