What's New



Termination of Pipeline Stages Dashboard

We are planning to terminate the feature of Pipeline Stages dashboard on April 15, 2019. After this date, you will no longer be able to access the Pipeline Stages dashboard.



Dashboard view supported in TV Channel

TV channel now supports Dashboard view (4x4 grid view) to share more information on large screen TVs.


Activity Logs and Requesting Data

To improve visibility and portability, you can now view activity logs and request data stored in SkyDesk Motivator. To view logs or request data, select the Privacy menu under Settings.

Add Multiple KPIs/Targets

Multiple KPIs or targets can now be added to the dashboard at once. Click +KPI or +Target on top of the dashboard and select existing KPI/Target you want to add. Select multiple options to add several tiles at once.



Dashboard to Motivator TV Channel

Adding Motivator TV channel from a dashboard is now much easier. Just click the More button at the top of any dashboard you wish to show, and select Add to TV Channel.

Converted Leads Support

Motivator can now calculate the number of converted leads in CRM. When creating a KPI, add a behavior with the Leads module. Under the Other Custom Rules section, select Converted to switch your option.

KPI Condition Added to Target Filter

When the All Targets page is selected, you can now filter targets based on KPI conditions.


Dashboard Enhancements

Adding tiles to your dashboard is much easier using the +KPI, +Target, or +Contest buttons at the top. Cloning tiles and dashboards can now be done with one simple click. Reorder your tiles any time with the handy drag-and-drop feature.


Navigation Enhancements

The navigation bar is now at the top of the screen for quick access to all of your dashboards, targets, contests, and TV channels.

Dashboard Enhancements

Organize KPIs, targets, contests, and leaderboards from a single dashboard. Add multiple tiles for a single KPI and filter them individually to compare performance across multiple users and times simultaneously. Easily reorder dashboard tiles using drag and drop functionality.



Enhancements to SkyDesk Motivator for iOS

Now supports iOS10, new detailed view for Contests, and adds Tour feature, which is the introductory screens for new users.


SkyDesk Motivator for Android

SkyDesk Motivator for Android is now available on Google Play.

Formulas and Negative Metrics Supported in Contests

You can now select a formula (sum, average, and rate/ratio) and negative metrics for contests as well as KPIs.


KPI Formulas

When creating a KPI, you can now select the formula to apply to your behaviors. Sum is the sum of records or values of a numeric field in a CRM record over a period of time. Average computes the average value of a numeric field in a CRM record over a period of time. Rate/Ratio computes the ratio of two metrics over a period of time.

Support for Negative Metrics

Negative Metrics are now supported when creating a KPI. Select Increase or Decrease as the objective to indicate if the goal is to increase or decrease points.

Bar Chart Enhancement to Show Data from Non-active CRM/Motivator Users

When selecting a KPI, you can view a data breakdown by team, employee, or selected CRM record fields in a bar graph. If there are records associated with non-active CRM/Motivator users, it will show an additional bar labeled "Other" or "None".

Show Number of Active Users when Setting Company Targets

When setting a target for the Company, the number of active Motivator users being tracked will be displayed. This feature clarifies that only data from active users will be tracked.

Upload Custom Logo from Computer

You can now upload a logo image from your computer.

Enhancements of SkyDesk Motivator for iOS

New features have been added to the SkyDesk Motivator mobile application, including KPI Filters, KPI details, a CRM fields chart, Motivator TV, User and Team settings, and UI for iPad.


Show Past Values as Tips for Setting Targets

When setting a Target, Motivator now shows KPI achievements from prior periods.

Custom Logo for Motivator UI & Motivator TV

You can now customize Motivator UI and Motivator TV with your company logo.

Show CRM Records in KPI Charts

View related CRM records in KPI charts by clicking Show All Records or by selecting specific points or bars within a chart.

Show Today's Goal in Targets/Scorecards

Hover your mouse over the white line on the Targets/Scorecards page to display today's goal and see whether you're "on pace" to reach your target by the end of the period.

Dashboard / TV Channel Re-ordering

Administrators can now change the order in which Dashboards and TV Channels are displayed.

Notification Enhancements

There are now more target and contest notification options as well as more real-time notification emails to keep your team engaged.

"Settings/CRM Sync" Enhancement

You can now check the remaining number of syncs available from the CRM Sync page.


Introducing SkyDesk Motivator for iOS

SkyDesk Motivator for iOS is now available on Apple's App Store.


Introducing SkyDesk Motivator

SkyDesk Motivator is an analytics-driven sales motivation platform, exclusively for SkyDesk CRM.