Why Motivator?

  • What is Motivator?

    Motivator is an analytics-driven sales motivation platform for SkyDesk CRM.

  • Who uses Motivator?

    Motivator is for businesses who want to boost sales, increase sales team engagement, and drive CRM adoption.

  • What are the benefits of using Motivator?

    Motivator provides Administrators with real-time visibility into the vital signs of their sales operations plus the tools needed to harness Users' collaborative and competitive spirits to drive desired behaviors for better sales results.

  • What are the key features of Motivator?

    To improve sales performance:

    • Real-Time Insights
    • One-Click Contests
    • Personalized Scorecards

    To increase team engagement and motivation:

    • Motivator TV
    • Mobile Leaderboards and Scorecards
    • Notifications

    To empower coaching and self improvement:

    • Performance Analytics
    • Peer-Comparison

    To drive CRM and sales process adoption:

    • CRM Behavior Modeling
  • What's unique about Motivator?

    Motivator combines real-time insights plus one-click contests to help everyone perform their best, and it works with SkyDesk CRM.

  • What is Motivator TV?

    Motivator TV increases visibility, recognition, and fun. Show Motivator TV on large screen TVs in your sales offices to drive CRM adoption, sales team engagement, and improved performance, while having fun!

  • Can I access Motivator on my mobile device?

    Yes. You can access Motivator's real-time insights, contest leaderboards, scorecards, notifications, and other features across desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. Motivator TV works best on larger screens.