Email that has caught up with the way you communicate.

The first email was sent in 1971. It wasn't as memorable, however, as the first words on the moon. Email was designed to communicate written messages electronically. But written communication has evolved rapidly influenced both by freedom and constraint. Freedom inspired by the changes in language, social media, and geographic dispersion; constraint driven by smaller mobile devices, time, and space.

Poor old email simply hasn't caught up. Until SkyDesk Mail.

SkyDesk Mail brings flexible communications to email. You can now be formal or informal, orchestrated or ad hoc, private or social - multiple choices from a single tool. Here's some of what you can now do.

  • Ex-Stream-ly
  • Attachments
  • Shared Folders
  • Add Task
  • Stylish UI

Social Media

Streams brings elements of social media communication right into email. It allows quick and informal communication around longer and more formal email messages. You get better context, with less clutter.

Attachments and Multimedia

Ever had to pick out that elusive attachment from a neverending pile of paperclip icons? We understand. Our Attachment Viewer provides a graphical view of every attachment, neatly sorted. Use our filters to organize things as you need them. Stop searching, start visualizing; see what you want to see.

Shared Folders

Do you organize project communications into a single folder? Now you can share it! No more forwarding emails one by one. Assign folders to team members, and everyone stays in the loop.

Integrated Calendar, Tasks, and Notes

Coordinate your work across multiple tools. Earmark work by creating a task or note from right within an email message. Keep up to date and never miss a deadline by staying organized with calendars, tasks, and notes.

Stylish, Trendy, Ultrafast UI

We set out to rigorously refine the traditional email UI, ramping up user experience in a big way while still maintaining its familiarity that has stood the test of time. The result is a strikingly elegant, uncannily powerful and fast UI.

We're easy on the eyes, and we don't spy.

Try all these features in our new UI, designed for a clean and clutter-free user experience. Flexibility and ease of communication is put front and center through collaborative features like Chat and Streams.

Your mail is your private business, which is why we never intrude with ads; we don't eavesdrop on your conversations. No one else can make that promise today.

Get the private, versatile, and efficient business email that has been long overdue. Try the new SkyDesk Mail today.

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