SkyDesk Mail offers several views for easier classification among emails. The views menu can be accessed at the bottom of the left pane. By default, it is listed below the Tags menu.

Table of Contents

 Unread View

The 'Unread' view lists all the unread mail across different folders. You can view the unread images across various folders in a single listing. Further you can find out the total number of unread mails in your mailbox from here.

All Messages

This view lists all the mails across all the folders. To view mails in the order of received time, irrespective of the parent folder, this view can be used.

Flagged Emails

The flagged emails view lists the flagged mails across all the folders. This helps you to view all the mails, for which you have set flags, in a single window. You can further clear the flags in this view.

Saved Search

Sometimes, you repeatedly 'Search' for a pattern of emails in your Inbox, and based on the content. SkyDesk Mail provides you an option to save such 'Searches' for future use. You can name the Search and such saved searches are listed as a separate section. By default, they they are listed below the views menu in the left pane. This feature is particularly useful in cases where you want emails with specific message content to be available for accessing easily, without undergoing the same set of searches.

In 'Saved Searches', only the search conditions are stored. Every time you select the Search, a new search is performed and the results include the newer emails also.

Steps to Save a Search

  1. Type in the keywords relating to your search or use Advanced Search
  2. After setting your search conditions, the relevant emails get listed on your screen
  3. Click the 'Save this Search' option on the top of the screen

You can also move the entire Saved Searches menu to the top/ bottom as per your preference. Go to Settings > Mail Settings > Mail Organization > Rearrange > Headers. 

Under the Headers tab rearrange the headers to any preference of your choice.