Using Notes in SkyDesk Mail

SkyDesk Mail facilitates an easy way to add Notes. The SkyDesk Notes application within your mailbox makes it easy to jot down ideas instantly.

These notes get saved in the Notes application in your mailbox and can be viewed or edited at a later time.

Add Note

Add New Note

  1. Login to
  2. Click the drop down next to New Mail in your inbox and select New Note.
  3. Enter the desired title for your note and type in the description.
  4. You can also change the note color, insert images or other attachments to your note using the options provided.
  5. After adding the necessary customizations to the note, click Add.

Alternatively, you can also navigate to the Notes application from the left menu pane and click New Note.

Add Note using Smart Create menu

  1. Login to
  2. Select the portion of text that you want to add as a note.
  3. The Smart Create menu pops up.
  4. Click the Create Note icon.
  5. The selected text gets added as the description of the note.
  6. Provide a suitable title and add the other customizations as required.
  7. Click Add to save the note. 

Add Note from Mail View pane

  1. Login to
  2. While viewing any email, click the More Actions icon in the top right corner of the window.
  3. From the drop down, select, Add To and then choose Notes.
  4. The Create new Note window opens up.
  5. Provide a suitable title, enter the description and click Add.

Add Note from Mail Listing pane 

  1. Login to
  2. Right click any email that you would like to add as a note.
  3. From the list, select Add To > Create Note from.
  4. The Subject of the email gets added as the Note. 
  5. Enter the contents of the note.
  6. Apply the customizations if any and click Add.

All these Notes get saved under the Notes application. You can view the email from which the Note was created using the Open Linked email option, in the Notes app.

Add Group Notes

All the notes that you add get saved under the 'My Notes' section unless you select a specific group. To add Notes to groups, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to
  2. Navigate to the 'Notes' application in your mailbox.
  3. Click any group to which you want to add the note.
  4. Click the New Note button.
  5. The 'Add Note' window pops up.
  6. Enter the title and description and click Add.
  7. The note gets saved under the specific group.

Alternatively, you can follow any of the methods to add a note and click My Notes in the lower part of the window. A listing of all the groups that you're a part of appears. Select the group that you want to add the note to. 

Sticky Note

Sticky notes are a great tool to take down your random thoughts and ideas that might get lost in the spur of the moment. Certain notes that you want to be reminded of when you open your mailbox, can also be made as sticky notes. These notes are pinned on to your mailbox screen and can be minimized or closed depending on the requirement. 

Steps to make a note as a sticky note:

  1. Create a note using any of the usual methods.
  2. In the Notes app, click More Actions in the Note that you want to Make as Sticky.
  3. Click Make it as Sticky Note.
  4. The Note will be pinned to your mailbox.
  5. The sticky note is actionable and all actions can be performed similar to the usual notes.

The minimized sticky Notes can be accessed from the Sticky Notes icon in the bottom right corner of your mailbox. The number on the icon indicates number the of sticky notes minimized and saved.


Collaboration in Notes

After adding a note, SkyDesk Mail provides options to collaborate and communicate about it without losing the context of the note. This can be done for both private notes and group notes. 

In both cases, you can invite organization members to view the note or tag them in a comment to discuss ideas or keep them in the loop for projects involving various teams.

The notes that you add to a group directly get saved to the respective Streams page (if Streams is enabled for that group).


Tagging an organization member who's not part of the group, in a group note, adds them to the list of invitees.

Organize Notes

Creating Books

In each individual group or your personal Notes section, you can create Books and categorize your Notes better under the relevant books. 

Steps to create a Book:

  1. Navigate to the Notes application in your inbox.
  2. Right click either My Notes or any of the groups that you're a part of.
  3. Select Create Book from the options listed.
  4. Enter a name for your Book and hit enter.
  5. The new Book gets saved under the parent Note category.
  6. You can navigate to a specific Book in the left listing pane to add notes under this category.

The books created under each category can be viewed by expanding the traingle to the left of the group name.

Mark as Favourite

You can mark the notes that you might need frequently as Favourites. They can be spotted easily under the 'Favourites' menu in the Notes application.

To mark a Note as a favourite, hover over the Note and click the Mark/ unmark Favourite icon. All the notes that are marked as Favourite can be viewed on a single screen under the Favourites menu. 

Tag Notes

Tagging Notes is a great way to organize them into specific categories. SkyDesk Mail lets you create tags and assign them to Notes so that they're easily identifiable. 

To tag a note, click the Tags icon on the right bottom corner of the note, and select the Tag that you want to apply to it.

You can view all the Notes with specific tag by clicking the required tag under the Tags in the left listing pane, 

Colour code Notes

You can also assign colours to each note based on the category for quicker identification. To assign a colour to a note, click the Change colour icon and choose the colour that you would like to apply.

You will not be able to change the colour for group notes that have been created by other group members.