Steps to Configure SkyDesk Mail as IMAP Account in Thunderbird

Configure your SkyDesk Mail account as IMAP in Thunderbird

  1. Enable IMAP Access in the SkyDesk Mail Settings page. (Login to SkyDesk Mail >> Settings >> POP and IMAP >> Enable IMAP
  2. Launch the Thunderbird application in your system.
  3. In the menu bar, select Tools » Account Settings.
  4. From Account Settings, select 'Account Actions' and select 'Add Mail Account'.
  5. In the Create account page, provide the following details. 
  6. In the Email Address field, provide your SkyDesk Account email address and the account password. Domain hosting users, provide your domain based email address.
  7.  For Incoming, select IMAP from the drop down. 
  8.  Incoming server hostname: 
    • If you are a personal user, provide, select 993 for Port from drop down, and Normal Password for authentication. 
    • If you are an organization user with domain based account, provide imappro.skydesk.jpselect 993 for Port from drop down, and Normal Password for authentication. 
  9. For Outgoing server hostname, provide, select 465 for Port, and Normal Password for authentication.  
  10. In the username field, provide your complete SkyDesk account email address ( 
  11. In the Password field, provide your SkyDesk account Password. (You may require an Application Specific password, if Two Factor Authentication is enabled for your account.).
  12. Click 'Done' to create the account. (Clicking Test sometimes gives an error. Hence click Done to create the account without any errors)