Smart Filters

Smart Filters help you to classify emails automatically as Newsletters, Notifications, and Group emails. Further, there are Smart Filter Actions to create tasks directly from filters based on conditions

 Smart Filters

Generally, the automated emails can be broadly classified as ‘Notifications’, ‘Newsletters’, ‘Group emails’ and so on. The Smart filters in SkyDesk Mail can automatically detect the Notifications, Newsletters, and Group emails, based on certain header information. When you navigate to the Filters section in the settings, you get an alert about the Smart Filters. The Smart Filters get created, only after you click 'Yes'. 


When you enable Smart Filters, three built in Filters are created and enabled in your account, and the emails are moved to the respective folders based on the header analysis.

You can choose to disable one or all of the smart filters or move them to a lower order, in case it conflicts with any of your custom filters.

 Intelligent Recommendations:

The recommendations sections of the Filters automatically suggests you Filters with predefined Conditions and Actions, based on your email addresses, aliases and the Groups in which you are a member.


You can change the folder name and click 'Create' icon across each filter to add them to your list of filters. 

 Preferable Actions

Apart from the normal actions to Move emails to Folders, Label and so on, you can now automatically create Tasks based on the filters. Example, you can create a Task to 'Pay Pending Receipts', in case you get your invoice from your telecom provider. 


Similarly, you can also create 'Notes' from your emails based on your preferred set of conditions.