Searching Emails

Table of Contents

 Basic Search

SkyDesk Mail provides you extensive options to search and locate emails based on different parameters. You can provide your Search term in the Search box present in the top. By default the Search will be applicable to the active application. You can change the area/ application of Search and other Search parameters from the drop down, to narrow down the search results. 

The parameters  available for searching emails are listed below: 

  • Subject
  • From
  • To/Cc
  • Email Content
  • Attachment Name
  • Attachment Content
  • Entire Message

Apart from that, even in Email, you can choose to search in the current folder or across all folders. 


By default, the Search options gives results based on all parameters and across all folders. The search results are displayed in a new tab. You can use the Refine Results in the Search results page to modify the Search Criteria or add new parameters to narrow down the search results. The Refine Results option launches the Advanced Search options, to specify more parameters to the current search. 

Advanced Search

You can directly launch the Advanced Seach to specify and search based on multiple parameters, to locate specific sets of emails from your mailbox. 

Using the advanced Search, you can specify the folders, date range to look for, any applied labels in the emails. Further you can also include criteria like emails with attachments, whether the emails are single emails or conversations and so on.  Further, you can soecify multiple search terms and multiple parameters to narrow down the search results considerably. 

Ex: You can search for emails from, with attachments, set as high priority, with terms urgent and arrived within the past 7 days. 

Further you can save such complex searches to 'Saved Searches'. This helps you to perform the same search in a single click, but get live results from latest emails. Refer here for detailed instructions to use the Saved Searches.