Managing Attachments

SkyDesk Mail provides multiple options to manage the attachments in your emails. You can directly view the files in SkyDesk's Office Applications like Writer, Sheet, Show if they are incompatible formats. You can choose to upload the document to the cloud storage of your choice or download them locally. Apart from this, all the attachments in your email are available in a collective 'Attachment Viewer' to view, filter or access the attachments, without worrying about the emails. 

View Attachments

When you receive images, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, pdfs or Text files as attachments in your email, you can directly view the attachment file using the preview option in SkyDesk Mail. Most of the regular file attachments can be viewed in the Attachment Viewer with the SkyDesk Application support. You can thus view the file anywhere on any device, without worrying about the hardware/ software required to open the file. This helps you to view the file, and then decide whether you need to download the file, or not.

In the email listing pane, emails that have an attachment will be indicated with the attachment icon. When you click the icon, a popup appears with options to manage your attachments. When you hover over any of the attachments, you'll see the Download, View and Add to Cloud and More options listed. 

In the More option, you can find options to Attach to new message and Attach to new email. The Attach to new message option lets you add the attachment to a new Streams post, while the Attach to new email option lets you add the attachment to a new email that you're composing.

Click the Attachment icon, in the header region of the email preview pane to directly navigate to the Attachments listing in the email.

The attachment listing allows you to upload the files directly to SkyDesk Docs, Dropbox, Google Docs, One Drive or any cloud storage of your choice to collaborate or share further.

The following table provides you the list of attachment types and the SkyDesk Viewer used for the viewing the file on the go. Further, you can save these files to SkyDesk Docs, in case you want to make changes to the received files and send it to someone. 

Attachment Type View Option
xlsx, xls, sxc, ods, csv, tsv SkyDesk Sheet
docx, doc, sxw, odt, rtf SkyDesk Writer
ppt, pps, odp, sxi SkyDesk Show 
pdf, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp, htm,html Preview in the Attachment viewer
mp4, mp3, wav, mov Plays in Attachment viewer
ics View in the email, Add to SkyDesk Calendar

Download Attachments

You can download the required attachments to your local system. When you have multiple attachments, you can download all the attachments as a zip file and later extract the files individually to the desired destination folder.

Upload to SkyDesk Docs

You can directly upload the attachment to SkyDesk Docs. This helps you to access or share the files from anywhere. This also removes any dependency towards installed software to access or work on such files on the move. 

  1. Move your cursor over the attachment in the mail view pane
  2. Choose the 'Add To Cloud' option
  3. Under the SkyDesk Docs tab, choose the folder type of your choice
  4. Select the specific folder under the chosen folder type
  5. You can also create a new folder by clicking on the 'Create Folder' icon on the top right corner
  6. Click 'Add' 

Once you save the file to SkyDesk Docs, you can further edit using the SkyDesk Docs editors or share it with other users using the simple, yet secure features of SkyDesk Docs. Further, it lets you edit your attachments online and attach it to an email.

Upload to Other Cloud Services

SkyDesk Mail provides you the option to upload the files to Cloud File Service of your choice. For all the emails with attachments, you can use Cloud Uploader to add emails to cloud file management services. You can choose to upload your file to SkyDesk Docs or Google Drive or even Dropbox. SkyDesk Mail provides two-way integration with all these cloud storage services, which helps you to upload the attachments or add attachments from these services on the move.

Upload to Google Drive

Similar to SkyDesk Docs, you can upload the attachments to Google Drive, using the Cloud Uploader. You need to authenticate and grant access to SkyDesk Mail, the very first time you use Google Drive with SkyDesk Docs.

Upload to Dropbox

You can upload the attachments to DropBox from SkyDesk Mail using the Cloud Uploader. You need to authenticate and allow SkyDesk Mail, the first time you use SkyDesk Mail with DropBox. 

You can also add an attachment to your email from your DropBox account. 


The received attachments can also be uploaded to OneDrive and Box.