Receiving and Managing your Emails

When you receive emails, to sort them in an organized manner, different actions may be needed depending on the emails you receive. You may want to move the email to a folder, apply a label or add a flag and so on. SkyDesk Mail provides you the multitude of options to achieve a clean, hassle-free inbox.

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Email Listing 

By default, the emails are received in the Inbox folder. You can create and use Filters to automatically move them to different folders. The received emails are listed in the order of the received time of the emails. The recent emails are listed in the top, and you can scroll down to view the older emails. The Email Listing has an unlimited scroll, which helps you to scroll down to view and access older emails, without worrying about pagination. 

Some of the default settings are listed below. You can change these preferences from the Appearance Settings. 

  • After login, the inbox is displayed by default. Unread messages view can be selected from the Settings 
  • Summary is displayed by default. You can turn off/ on the summary of emails from the Settings.
  • Time format: 12 hours - 24 hour format is also available
  • The message opens in the preview pane which occupies the right side of the screen. You can choose to open the emails in new Tabs. 
  • External images load only in mails from contacts. - When emails contain images embedded from external URLs, they are often added for tracking purposes by newsletters and email marketers. You can choose to Display images/ not display images based on your preferences. 

The emails are grouped as Conversations, in the listing. Hence in a particular conversation, you can expand the tree to view the other emails in the conversation, even if they are from the other folders. You can choose your preferences for Conversation views to turn off this view or maintain conversation only within folders. 

Emails and Actions

You can manually select multiple emails in any random order, to perform a common action on them. You can also select only unread emails, or flagged emails etc, using the check box in the top bar. 

Move Emails to Specific Folder

  1. Select the desired emails to move to a different folder. 
  2. Click on the 'Move To' icon from the top menu bar
  3. ​Choose the desired folder from the list of available folders. 
  4. You can also type a few letters in the text box, to select from the matches or even create a new folder to move the emails.

To move a single email, drag the email and drop it to the required folder, from the list of folders in the left pane. 

Actions from the listing:

Apart from Move to folder, you can add tags emails, delete emails, mark them as Spam or even archive the emails from the listing area. 

List emails from this sender:

Often we receive multiple emails from the same sender. To group and view the emails from the same sender, in a particular folder, you can use the option 'List Emails from Sender'. Select any email and right click to choose this option. It lists the emails from the particular email address in the selected folder or view, in a new tab. You can use the bulk actions or Scrub feature to organize these emails.

List emails with this Subject

Similar to senders, in case of marketing emails or newsletters, we get emails with the same subject text which get accumulated over time. To group and view those emails, you can use 'List emails with this Subject'. You can use the bulk actions to organize these emails. 


This article mainly explains managing the received emails in SkyDesk Mail. If you have trouble receiving emails in your domain based account in SkyDesk Mail, refer here.