Changes in the New SkyDesk Mail:

There are a lot of new features in the new SkyDesk Mail. Apart from the new features, there have been some enhancements or changes to the existing features to suit the new design and also to enhance the usability. 

Classic View and Compact View:

The current layout for email listing is spacious with ample spacing between each email. However, to view more emails per page, you can now switch to 'Compact' view, which reduces the white space and provides you more emails in the listing. 


Migrate your Personal Tasks and Notes:

You can now migrate your personal Tasks from the old interface to the new SkyDesk Mail using the Migrate option in the Tasks page. 

Migrate Tasks:

In the new SkyDesk Mail, launch Tasks to view the Tasks application and the option to migrate the old personal tasks. 

Migrate Notes:

Launch the 'Notes' application to view the link to migrate your old personal notes to the new SkyDesk Mail. 

You can also migrate the old Tasks and Notes data from the old interface using the 'Migrate Data' link available there. 

When you migrate the Tasks and Notes, only the personal Tasks and Notes will be migrated to My Tasks and My Notes in the new SkyDesk Mail.

Migrating Group Tasks/ Notes:

If you have any saved Group Tasks or Group notes, you can export the tasks and notes as downloadable files. The new SkyDesk Mail supports Group Tasks and Groups Notes only for the Streams enabled Groups. Once you enable Streams for the required Groups, you can manually import the downloaded task files to get the data in Tasks under the respective Groups.  

In case you need any assistance in the migration of Group Tasks/ Notes, contact us at 


When you open any folder or perform a search or open an email in a tab or compose a new mail in a tab, the tabs used to open at the top above the emails. Now the tabs at the top have moved to the right side of the listing. You can view the Tab titles as tooltips by hovering the mouse over the respective tabs.


Infinite scroll and Bulk Actions:

The emails were earlier listed in pages, based on your choice of a number of emails on each page. Now you just have to scroll down to view more messages.

This allows you to perform bulk actions on emails from the listing without navigating pages. When you select some emails from any view, you get an option to Select all messages in the current view. You can select the option to perform bulk operations in folders or labels or another search view. 

POP Accounts:

You can switch between the POP accounts, using the icons below the Apps lists. The icon shows the exact unread count if the unread emails are less than 99 emails. In case the there are more than 99 unread emails, the exact count of unread emails will be available when you hover the mouse over the icon. 


You can click the Mail icon in the top, to return to your default account. In case you switch to Calendar, Tasks or other application from the POP account, you need to click on the POP accounts icon in the bottom to navigate back to the POP account. 

Inline Composer:

You can now draft your Replies and Forwards inline, without missing out view of the original email. The Inline Composer is a trimmed down version of the normal composer and is suitable for quickly replying or forwarding messages. Inline composer, opens in the preview pane itself, with basic editor options.

The option to enable Inline Composer or to launch Composer in Tab is available from the Settings >> Compose options.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

The Keyboard shortcuts have been enhanced to suit the new SkyDesk Mail with options to use similar shortcuts for similar actions across the apps. You can view the list of available shortcuts from Settings >> Keyboard Shortcuts

Currently, the shortcuts are predefined, however, we will soon provide options to customize the shortcuts to suit your preferences.

 Options no longer Supported:

Three-pane view with Horizontal viewing pane:

Due to complexity in handling the different applications, we will no longer be able to support the horizontal preview pane. For those who are used to the horizontal viewing pane, we hope that you will like the new Vertical viewing pane and get used to it in due course of time.

Custom Apps Bar:

The new SkyDesk Mail does not support the custom Apps bar on the left, which was available in the old interface. You can switch to the other SkyDesk Apps from the SkyDesk App switch icon in the top left corner.