Notifications are instant alerts for Streams activities. When someone @mentions you or your group, comments on your status, replies to your comments or sends private comments, you get notifications about the Streams activity. You also get notifications when there are any items shared with you or your groups. The items shared can be folders, emails or notes. It can also be a task which gets assigned to you or an event which you have been invited to. 

You can also be invited as a Guest to view particular posts in other groups which you are not part of. You can also be @mentioned in individual posts by other users, for certain individual discussions or tasks.

You get notified in the following instances. 

  • @mentions you in a post or comment
  • @mentions your group in a post or a comment
  • Likes your post or comment
  • Comments on your post or comment
  • Shares an email with you 
  • Shares an email with your group/ @mentions
  • @mentions you in a private post
  • Invites you as a Guest for a particular post 

Notification Pane

The notification pane lets you respond to the alert instantly. You can view the notification, and further comment or like the post or the comment from the notification pane itself. You can instantly grab a users attention to a particular topic, and/ or respond in a more casual, yet impressive manner. 


You can do all this, without losing the context of what you were already doing. 

Notification Center

You can click on 'View All Notifications' to view the entire set of notifications and the related activities in the Notification Center. Notification Center offers a single view of all the notifications in hierarchical order. 

In the notification center, you can infer about the notification from the icon and notification text itself. Further, you can select any notification item, to view the complete post or email related to the notification. 

In some cases, if the original comment or post is removed, you will get an alert that the comment or the post no longer exists. It means that the person who posted it has either deleted the comment or the post. If it is a shared entity, the person has removed the permissions or the corresponding invitations.