Managing Storage

The account storage is calculated as a total storage of all the accounts including the POP accounts in SkyDesk Mail. The allocated storage will be based on the subscription of the organization or the storage space for the personal user.

Current Usage - Mailbox Storage

You can check the current usage of your mailbox, which includes the storage used by the SkyDesk account and all the POP accounts in SkyDesk Mail. The usage details will be available in the Mail Accounts page in the Mail Settings. 

Steps to view your current Mailbox storage:

  1. Log in to SkyDesk Mail.
  2. Click Settings >> Mail >> Mail Accounts
  3. The list of accounts will be displayed with their respective storage used.
  4. The total storage of the account will be displayed at the bottom of the page. 

 Mailbox Storage Exceeded

The personal account users have an allotted storage of 5GB. The business users have the allotted storage, based on the plan and the storage allotted to them by their administrators. 

When the mailbox exceeds the allotted storage, the incoming emails to the accounts are blocked and any POP accounts are temporarily disabled. You can either delete emails to create more space or purchase additional storage, to create free space in the account.

Additional Storage:

If you are an organization user, you can request your administrator to allocate more storage to your account. If you are a personal user, you can buy more storage from the Mail Accounts page in Settings. Super Administrator can buy the storage units and allocate to the users. 

You can literally have a bottomless mailbox with SkyDesk Mail. The add-on storage is available in units of 10GB, 15 GB, 25 GB, 50 GB, 100 GB and 200 GB sizes. In case you have an ever growing mailbox and need more than 200GB storage, you can contact with your storage requirements, for us to get back to you with the relevant pricing.  

Delete unwanted emails to create free space:

Suppose you choose to delete older emails, instead of purchasing storage, you can proceed with the deletion of email using the 'Empty Folder' option, available on right clicking the folder name. Once you have deleted the unwanted emails or folders eating up your space, click 'Empty Trash', for the storage to be recalculated. Further, if you need to have a backup of emails in your SkyDesk account before deleting, you may download it to a POP client. The configuration details for configuring your SkyDesk based account over POP is available in this help page. The only option available to backup emails in the POP accounts added to SkyDesk Mail is the 'Export email' option.

If you notice that the storage does not change, even after you delete emails, check the 'Archived Emails' and remove them to create storage.

 Unblock the account:

Once you have deleted some emails to create some extra storage or purchased additional storage, you can resume working by unblocking yourselves. You can use the UnblockMe page to unblock your account. 

You need to clear the Captcha to unblock your account. Alternately administrators can also unblock the users in their organization. Refer here for instructions.

 Personal users - Buy Additional storage

The personal users of SkyDesk Mail, by default, have a free 5 GB mailbox. You can opt to buy more storage, based on your requirements. 

Steps to buy additional storage:

  1. Login to SkyDesk Mail
  2. Click Settings >> Mail Accounts
  3. In the bottom of the page, locate and click the link 'Require more storage? Buy Now'.
  4. Choose a relevant plan and click 'Buy Now'
  5. Enter your Card details to make payment via secure gateway

 Free Plan users - Upgrade to paid plan

The domain hosting users, in the free plan, have the default mailbox storage of 5GB. In case the storage is exhausted, you need to upgrade to a paid plan, to get accounts with more storage. 

Steps to Upgrade your Account:

  1. Login to SkyDesk Mail
  2. Click Control Panel >> Subscription
  3. Choose the preferred plan and click 'Upgrade'.
  4. Provide the number of users in your organization and click 'Buy Now.'
  5. Provide your Card details to make payment via secure gateway
  6. You can have either choose the free or the paid plan. The paid and free plans cannot be mixed. 
  7. You cannot upgrade a single user to a paid plan and have the other users in the free plan. The other users may get disabled. 

Please write to us at, in case you need any further details in this regard. 

 Organization Super Admins - Buy and allocate extra storage

The organization super administrator can buy additional add-on storage units, for the organization and assign it to any user in the same organization, in addition to the storage available in the base plan. 

Steps to buy additional storage:

  1. Login to SkyDesk Mail
  2. Click Control Panel >> Subscription
  3. Your current subscription details are displayed in the page.
  4. Click Buy additional Storage, to buy add-on storage units.  
  5. Select the required add-on storage size from the drop down.
  6. Provide the number of units of the selected storage unit required. 
  7. Review your selected options and Click 'Buy Now'
  8. The payment will be billed to the card whose details you provided at the time of purchase. 

Once the add-on storage has been purchased, the additional storage units can be allocated to the users in the Mail Storage page of Control Panel. You can view the usage of different users in the Mail Accounts page.