Getting Started

The New SkyDesk Mail is a collaborative business communication platform for the modern workforce. It is a blend of the classic email and modern collaborative tools such as comments, likes, and sharing.

SkyDesk Mail Suite Applications

The 'New' SkyDesk Mail is a collaborative business communication platform for the modern workforce. It is a blend of classic email and the current trendy collaboration using sharing, comments, and likes. The new SkyDesk Mail Suite comprises of the following applications which are essential for every business:

Email - Email, the backbone of every organization, facilitates a professional means of communication both inside and outside your organization.

Calendar - Time management, events and meeting organizer. 

Contacts - Contacts and Address book management, Group Address, Organization contacts. 

Tasks - Effectively manage work for you and your team, Group Tasks, Subtasks. 

Notes - A single place to note down your ideas/  thoughts or scribbles, add images and/or attachments.  

Streams - Innovative collaboration within teams, built around email designed with provisions to like/ comment and more open interactions. 

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Supported browsers

The new SkyDesk Mail is completely functional in the latest versions of all Standard Browsers. The details of the browsers and versions which new features are supported are given below: 


Supported Versions


 35 and later


 38.0 and later

Internet Explorer

 9.0 and later


 8.0 and later


 31.0 and later

In the older versions of the browsers, some features are not supported and you will not be able to use the new SkyDesk Mail. Also, certain browser plugins may interfere with the behavior of applications. Hence, in case you notice any inconsistencies, you can check by disabling the browser plugins.

Change Display Name - Outgoing emails 

If a display name is not configured with your account, emails sent from your address display only your email id. If you want your email id to be displayed in your sent emails, you can set up the display name. 

Steps to add a Display name:

  1. Navigate to the Settings page 
  2. Under Access Old version for, select the Send Mail As option
  3. Click the Edit icon across the relevant email address 
  4. Enter the required Display Name and click Update.

The chosen name will be displayed in all the emails that you send. 

Change Profile Picture

The display picture associated with your email address can be changed from your account. This picture will be displayed in the emails that you send, depending on the permission set by you.

Steps to change the profile picture:

  1. Click the Avatar on the right corner of your mailbox.
  2. Hover over the avatar and click Change
  3. In the Accounts page, click your Avatar and upload an image file from your computer
  4. Select the Photo View Permission from the drop-down 
  5. Click Upload

The maximum permitted file size for the upload is 10 MB.

Change Password

The users can change their Password from the My Account section in the SkyDesk Mail Suite. 

Steps to change the current password:

  1. Click on your Avatar, and then select My Account
  2. This launches the SkyDesk Accounts dashboard
  3. Select Security section
  4. In the Change Password section, provide the Current Password for the account
  5. Provide the new password and re-enter the new password for validation.
  6. Check the Terminate all active web browser sessions in your device(s) and remove active API authtokens checkboxes in case you have any security concerns.
  7. Click Save  

Forgot Password

In case you have forgotten your account password, you can reset it by following the below instructions. 

  1. In the login page, click the Forgot Password link.
  2. Enter the Registered Email or Mobile details, and type in the captcha.
  3. Now click Request.
  4. Select your choice for the mode of password reset, i.e., if you want a reset link emailed, or a verification code sent to your mobile number. 
  5. On clicking the reset link, or entering the verification code, you will be redirected.
  6. Enter a new password and click Change.
  7. You can now Sign in by entering your new password. 


In case you're an organization account holder, you can't change your password directly. You'll have to request your password reset, and it has to be reset by your organization Administrator. Click here to know more.

Change Timezone

The time in the email is listed based on the Timezone set for your organization.

In case the emails are displayed with incorrect or irrelevant times that do not match your current time, it is possible that the timezone chosen is incorrect for your account. Follow the steps below to choose the correct timezone. 

Steps to change the time zone:

  1. Login to
  2. Click your Avatar, and select My Account
  3. In the SkyDesk Accounts dashboard, choose My Profile Info section
  4. Under Personal Information, Select Country/Timezone option.
  5. Choose the values from the drop down. 
  6. Click Save to update the changes
  7. You have to refresh the SkyDesk Mail page, for the changes to take effect. 

When you have 'Daylight Saving Time' followed in the region you choose, you can select the Time zone with Daylight Savings auto corrected. With this option chosen, the time details in your SkyDesk Mail will be automatically corrected to your region's time and will be displayed correctly. 

Create Filters

Filters are certain pre-defined criteria which help in organizing incoming emails based on certain conditions and actions. They help towards making your emails easily identifiable by organizing them in relevant folders and by tagging or flagging them as per the criteria defined.

SkyDesk Mail provides extensive options to set filter conditions and actions. In addition to this, options such as Smart Filters and Filter Recommendations are also available. They provide intelligent recommendations to run through your email and categorize them accordingly. 

Steps to create filters:

  1. Navigate to the Settings page
  2. In the Filters section, click Create New filter
  3. Enter a filter name and set the filter conditions and actions
  4. Click Save

Detailed information on setting up filters and related options here

Adding Signatures

Signatures in emails render professionalism and help the person you're communicating with, understand who on behalf of the organization is communicating with them. This is of great use in business scenarios. 

Steps to add Signatures:

  1. Navigate to the Settings page
  2. In the Signatures section, click Add New Signature
  3. Enter a name for your signature, and then your signature in the text editor 
  4. Click Save

In case you want to set up this signature for multiple from addresses associated with your account, click the icon, a listing of your from email addresses is displayed. Select those to which you want to apply the signature.

To know more on adding signatures, click here

Interface Language

The following languages are supported in SkyDesk Mail. The users can change the Language from the Appearance section in SkyDesk Mail Settings.

  1. English
  2. Japanese

Steps to change the language:

  1. Login to
  2. Click the Settings icon, and choose Appearance
  3. In the display language section, select the preferred language from the drop-down.

The interface language will be updated, after a page refresh. 

Collaborate with teams

SkyDesk Mail offers options to set up groups both by organization Administrators and by the organization members. The groups created in SkyDesk Mail can be of different types and cater to needs of all kinds.

Streams is a unique feature that facilitates better collaboration between groups. It is a complete social media style interaction that can be enabled for any group. Each group can have an allocated Streams page, where members of the group can add posts, tasks, notes, events, share emails etc. It ensures a clutter free inbox and reduces the number of replies and forwards in an email which has to be discussed or debated upon.

In addition to this, SkyDesk Mail Streams offers several other tools and features that put communication at ease. 

Know more about the Streams feature.

Attachment Viewer

The attachment viewer option provides a centralized space for viewing all the attachments that have been sent via emails. This view provides an easy way to access all your attachments in a single window. The attachments are listed by file type such as images, videos, documents etc.

These attachments are actionable and can be previewed in the Attachment Viewer window. For ease of use, several quick actions such as Open linked email, Attach to new email, Mark favorite etc. are provided in the thumbnail of each attachment. Know more about the Attachment Viewer feature.