Empower Groups - Enable Streams:

Group stream contains the various messages, events, tasks and notes posted by the members of the Group. All members can view the various types of posts shared with the Group. The members can respond to the posts by liking the post and or adding comments to the post. On relevant areas, the members can invite guests to the posts.  You can filter by entity type to view specific categories of posts in the Streams.

The Streams group will be visible to the members only if Streams is enabled for the group. The moderator or the owner of the group will be able to enable Streams for the groups.

Steps to create a new Streams group/ Enable Streams for an Existing Group:

You can enable Streams for the groups for which you are moderator or owner.

  1. Click the Streams icon at the top to launch Streams.
  2. Click the + icon to view the personal groups and organizational groups for which you are the owner/ moderator.
  3. Select the check box ‘Enable Streams’ for the group for which you want to enable Streams. Alternately, you can click 'Create' to create a new group for Streams. 
  4. Once enabled, the group will be listed in the left pane under Streams Home.

The group will be then visible inside Streams for all the group members also. All activities within the group will be available after you select the group. 

Streams enabled Email groups:

There are many email groups like info@yourdomain.com, where many members collaborate together and reply to the external users after discussing with them.  You can enable 'emails' also to be posted in the Streams, for such groups. Once enabled, the emails sent to the group will also be posted to the Streams. All group members can view the email and comment on them.
When you select 'Include emails' for such groups, when you enable Streams, the emails to the group will be directly posted to the Streams wall. The users can comment on the email, to provide their feedback/ input etc.