Deleting Email

Delete single email

To delete an email directly from the folder, from the email listing pane, click on the Delete icon across the email.

To delete an email after opening it, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the More Actions icon.
  2. Choose Delete from the listing.
  3. The email will be moved to the trash folder.

Delete multiple emails

  1. Select the emails that you want to delete.
  2. Click the Delete icon from the top menu bar.

Delete folder

You can delete an entire folder along with its contents. Right click the folder to be deleted, and choose the Delete this Folder option from the listing.

The entire folder along with its contents will be moved to the trash folder.

Empty folder

  1. You can clear the messages in a folder using the Empty Folder option.
  2. Right click the folder that you want to empty.
  3. Choose Empty Folder from the listing.
  4. The following options will be displayed.
    • Delete all messages in the folder.
    • Delete all messages that arrived up to (enter a date to delete messages till the specific date).
    • Delete all messages except the recent (enter a number to delete all messages older than the number specified).
  5. Select your preference from the options listed.
  6. If you would like to include the archived emails in the folder too, select the Include archived emails during deletion checkbox, and click Ok. 

Trash folder

The deleted messages are moved to Trash folder by default. You can recover the emails in the trash by moving the email to the folder of your choice. The messages in the trash folder, older than 30 days will be automatically cleared periodically.

However, in a special scenario where your mailbox gets full, all emails in the trash folder will be automatically cleared and the mailbox size will be recalculated after clearing the trash. When your account exceeds the allowed size, your incoming gets blocked. Before the incoming gets blocked, all the emails in the Trash are cleared and the mailbox size is recalculated. If the recalculated account size is within the allotted limit, the account will not get blocked.

Delete archived emails

SkyDesk Mail also provides options to delete all the archived emails from a particular folder. Follow the below instructions to trash all the archived emails in a specific folder.

  1. Right click the required folder from the listing in the left menu.
  2. From the options listed, select Archive options.
  3. Select the Delete all the archived emails in this folder option. 
  4. All the archived emails in this folder will be moved to trash.


The Delete archived emails option will not be listed if you haven't archived any emails from this folder.