SkyDesk Mail Integrations - CRM Add-on 

SkyDesk Mail facilitates smart integration with SkyDesk CRM, Tasks, and Notes.

 Quick add a contact to CRM: 

You can directly add a CRM contact or lead from your mailbox. Further, once you have created the record in CRM, you can directly associate a task or event or note with the CRM Contact or the lead. Once you have added a CRM Contact, you can link a potential with the CRM contact, from this section itself.

This integration is available only to the users, who already have SkyDesk CRM account. The contacts/ leads added can be directly checked in the respective sections in CRM. 

Steps to Add a Contact/ Lead in SkyDesk CRM from SkyDesk Mail:

  1. Click the Contact in the From or To/ CC areas, to view the Contact Pop-up. 
  2. Select the option 'View CRM Info' from the available options. 
  3. You will see the option to Add to CRM Contacts/ Leads in the CRM Info page, in case the email address is already not available in your SkyDesk CRM database.
  4. Provide the details in the Contact Information and click Save.
  5. The record will be added to your CRM Contacts/ Leads based on your choice.

 Lookup CRM Contacts/ Leads

While sending an email, you can directly pick up contacts/ leads from your CRM using the CRM lookup option. In the compose window, once you start typing in a few letters, you get the option
Lookup CRM Contacts in the drop down. Click that to view the list of CRM contacts matching the provided letters. Similarly, you can toggle back to Mail Contacts by selecting the relevant option in the list.

Steps to send an email to CRM Contact:

  1. Click Compose to open the email editor.
  2. In the To/ Cc areas, start typing the contact name/ email address.
  3. Click the option Lookup CRM Contact.
  4. The list of contacts matching the provided letters will be updated in the list.
  5. Choose the contact to whom you want to send the email.
  6. You can toggle back anytime to your normal address book by clicking "Lookup Mail Contacts"

The CRM Lookup is now integrated with search box also. Similar to the Compose, you can start typing in few letters or name of the contact and select Lookup CRM Contacts. Pick from the list and click search. All the emails involving (Sent/ received) the particular contact will be listed in the Search results.

 Add CRM Task/ Notes/ Events:

You can add a CRM Task under a contact, once the contact is added to CRM. 

  1. Click the Contact in the From or To/ CC areas, to view the Contact Pop-up. 
  2. Select the option 'View CRM Info' from the available options. 
  3. If the Contact is already available in CRM, you can view all the related information in this section.
  4. Further, you can click Add Task to add a CRM Task associated with the contact.
  5. Similarly, you can also add CRM Note/ CRM Event directly from this page. 
  6. All the information will be updated directly in SkyDesk CRM.