Public Groups

Public group email accounts are generic groups, which can be used for universal communication, from anyone inside or outside the organization.
Anyone will be able to send email to Public Group Email Accounts. This is ideal for role specific group email accounts like support, hr, contact, info, marketing etc, which are exposed for external contacts, for communicating with the organization without involving users individual email addresses. The Public Email Groups will generally have 3 or 4 members in the account, who need to take care and respond to the emails addressed to the group.
Ex:, The emails will be sent by customers/ clients from any email addresses.
This will have the individual sales managers/ customer care executives as members of the group.

Steps to create Public Group:

  1. Login to as Administrator/ Super Administrator
  2. Click Settings icon >> Control Panel >> Groups
  3. Select 'Add Group'
  4. In the Access level, select 'Everyone'
  5. Provide the Group Name, desired email address and Select the domain from the drop down
  6. Provide a description and click Create Group to create the group

The Group gets created and you can add members from the members section. The Public groups are set to receive emails without any moderation. However, you can add moderators to the group, to allow them to manage the group by adding/ removing members in the group.