IP Restrictions

IP Restrictions

The Administrators can enable IP based restrictions for the organization users. This will enable additional security to the accounts and allow the login to the accounts only from the defined IP Ranges. The IP restricitons can be set at various levels and combinations. When IP restrictions are enabled for an account, and the user tries to login from a different IP Range, the user gets the following error message: 

Access from this machine is denied. 

User based IP restrictions 

For each user you add in the Control Panel, you need to define the IP restrictions in the Allowed IP section in the User Details. Once you define the IP restrictions in the control panel, the user will not be able to login from any other IP addresses other than the ones defined in this section. 

Steps to define user based IP restrictions:

  1. Login to https://www.skydesk.jp/en/apps/mail/
  2. Click Control Panel >> User Details
  3. Select the user for whom you want to define IP restrictions.
  4. Select the tab IP restrictions. 
  5. Provide the IP range in the right and select save. 
  6. The user will be able to log in only from the IP ranges specified in the page.

Mail Policy based IP restrictions 

When you create Mail Policy and apply it for a set of users, you can define an IP Range restriction for that Mail Policy. The IP range will be applied for all the users to whom the Mail Policy is applied to.  Mail Policy based IP restrictions can be defined in the Access Restrictions section of the Mail Policy page. 

Role based IP restrictions 

You can define IP restrictions by role to enforce IP restriction on any new user being added in your organization. The IP Restrictions can be defined for users, admins and Super Admins.

Steps to define Role based IP restrictions:

  1. Login to https://www.skydesk.jp/en/apps/mail/
  2. Click Control Panel >> IP Restrictions
  3. In the right pane, provide the IP range for the role.
  4. Select the role to which you want to apply the restriction from the drop down. 
  5. Click Apply to apply the restrictions. 

 If you are the Super Admin and defining IP restrictions, make sure that you are adding the IP restrictions from an IP address that falls within the allowed range you have defined. In case it is not in the defined range, you will not be able to login again. Also ensure that 'Static IP Address' is provided by your service provider, before you make such changes.