Groups or Distribution Lists are common email addresses, shared by a set of users for a common purpose. When an email is sent to the group account, a copy of email gets delivered to all the individual members of the Group. This email delivery can be controlled by Moderation Settings and Permissions. 

Public Groups | Organization Groups | Private Groups | Advanced Group Settings

There are multiple types of groups available based on the different requirements of the organization. The members/ moderators of the group can be chosen and added by the administrator. The moderators can also add members to the group. 

  • Public Groups (B2B/ B2C):  Everyone will be able to send emails to Public Group Email Accounts. This is ideal for role specific group email accounts like support, hr, contact, info, marketing etc, which are exposed for external contacts, for communicating with the organization without involving users individual email addresses. The Public Groups can receive emails from the internet inside or outside the organization and mainly interact with other external organizations, businesses or users.  Ex:,
  • Organization Groups (C2E / E2C):  Only the users within the organization would be able to send email to the Organization groups. This is ideal for functions like systemadmin, payroll, maintenance who need to interact only with the employees within the same organization. There are options to moderate/ reject emails which are generated outside the organization. Ex:,
  • Closed/ Private Groups (G2G): Only the members of the same group would be able to send emails to Closed/ Private group email accounts. This is meant for internal team communication, for setting up alerts, brainstorming within teams etc. There are options to moderate/ reject emails which are generated outside the group. Ex:,,
  • Moderated/ Restricted Groups (C2E): When you want the emails sent to a group to be monitored by someone, before delivering to group, you can create Restricted/ Moderated Groups. Such groups can be customized, to directly accept emails from moderators/ certain members, whereas all other emails will be moderated. The admins/ moderator can view the moderation queue and accept or reject the emails. 
    Such moderated groups are ideal for all employee email groups, meant for announcements or one way communications from HR or CEO to all employees or location based employee groups. Ex:,, 

You can have more customized Groups, with permissions to send emails on behalf of the group email address, to allow certain members to send emails without moderation, add external members and so on. Some of the settings are available under 'Advanced Group Settings' section of each group. 

Group Calendars

Steps to subscribe to the Group Calendar:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Settings >> Calendar Settings >> Groups
  3. Select the Group, the calendar of which you want to subscribe to. 
  4. Click the Subscribe option next to the Group Calendar. 
  5. You will be able to view the calendar, under Group Calendars in your main view. 
  6. Any member can add events to the Group. 
  7. The other members, who have subscribed to the Group's calendar will be able to view the Group events.