Advanced Group Settings

The Group configurations can be customized from Advanced Settings, after the group has been created. The advanced options include changing the group types, changing group member roles, email moderations and so on.

SkyDesk Mail Groups

Group Members

The administrators or the group moderators can add members to the group. The administrator can change the detailed configuration information of members or change their role from the Members section.

  1. Login to as Admin or Moderator of the group. 
  2. Select Control Panel >> Groups if you are admin.
  3. Select the Group for which you want to manage members.
  4. Select Members tab to view the list of members in the group.
  5. The options to add new members to the group is available in the right panel. 
  6. Click 'Select and add users from Org' to view and select the users from a popup.
  7. You can click 'Select all members from the Org' to select all users of the organization to the group. We recommend you to check whether you want all the organization members to be added to the group, before you use this option. 
  8. You can also provide the email addresses of users, separated by comma to add users by their email addresses directly.
  9. When you add external members to the Groups, the external member will receive an email confirmation to accept the membership to the group.  

Mail Moderations

When the groups are moderated groups, or organization/ private groups with restrictions, the emails will be held for moderation, based on the permissions and the group delivery settings. The moderators of the group or the administrators of the organization can moderate the group to clear the emails held for moderation. 

The emails that appear highlighted, are possible Spam emails and are denoted by the Spam icon. The email headers will appear in a popup on clicking the From column. Based on the headers, the emails can be Approved or Rejected.  

Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings for the group, can be used to customize the Email delivery options, Notification settings, Group type (Access level) options. 


Access Level Settings:

The Access Level Settings are based on the type of group required for the organzation. There are customized options available to manage the groups and the access levels. 

  1. Everyone –  Public Group 
    • Anyone can send email to the group.
    • All the emails will be delivered to the group members. 
  2. Organization Members – Organization group 
    • Only the members of the same organization can send mails to the group.
    • When others send emails to this group, the email can be moderated/ bounced to senders, based on the option chosen in Email Moderation section.
  3. Group Members - Private Group
    • Only the group members can send mails to the group.
    • When others send emails to this group, the email can be moderated/ bounced to senders, based on the option chosen in Email Moderation section. 
  4. Only Moderators - Restricted group
    • Only the group moderators can send mails directly to the group.
    • When others send emails to this group, the email will be moderated. However, the individual member/ moderator permissions can also be customized from the members section. 

Notification Settings:

Notify Moderator(s) when an email is help for Moderation: If selected, all the moderators of the group will receive a notification email, whenever an email is held for moderation. The moderators will be able to view the email content in the notification, and approve or reject the emails. 

Notify Author when his email is rejected: If selected, when an email to a moderated group is rejected by the moderator, the sender will receive a notification email about the rejection of the email sent to the group. 

Notify Moderator(s) after and email has been approved or rejected: When there are multiple moderators to a group, this option can be used to know whenever another moderator has approved or rejected an email held for moderation. 

Suppress email notification on member addition or deletion: The users receive an automated email, whenever they are added to a new group or removed from a group. If the option is selected, the notification email about the group membership will be suppressed. 

Email Delivery and Permissions:

Deliver Email only if the group email address is in To or Cc: If selected, the emails with group email address in Bcc will be held for moderation. Only the emails which are addressed to the Group and in To/ Cc will be delivered. 

Allow members of the group to send email using Group Email Address as From address:  In some cases, the group members need to reply from the Group email addresses and not from their individual user accounts. This is highly applicable for public customer/ client facing groups like support/ sales and specialized groups like hr, socialmedia etc. If the option is selected, the group email address will be added as From address for all the group members. When replying to the emails sent to the group, the group email address will be set as the From address automatically. 

Member Settings: 

The administrators can override certain settings for the members using the custom member settings for the group. 

In the Post Approval - select 'Accept' to allow the member to send emails to a moderated group. Click hold to hold the emails for moderation. 

In the Send as Group - select Allowed, to add the group email address as a group email alias for the member, to use it as a From address. Select not allowed to not allow the member to use the group email address in the From address section. 

In case of external group members, any failure of 10 will make them inactive. The administrator can click Reset to reset the count of failures and re-enable email delivery to the external members. 

Spam Control:

In the Groups Spam Control, the administrator or moderator can add the blacklist email addresses/ domains for the group. Similarly, certain email addresses can be whitelisted for the Group, for the emails to be delivered to the Inbox of the users. 

Generally the Organization Blacklist/ Whitelist takes preference over Group/ Individual Blacklists/ Whitelists. 

Steps to Blacklist/ Whitelist:

  1. Login to and access Group Settings (from Control Panel/ Group Home)
  2. Select the Edit icon, to change the Group settings 
  3. Select Spam Control to add some emails/ domains to whitelist or blacklist.
  4. In the ‘Quick Add’ section in the right, select Black List or White List.
  5. Enter the email address/ domains in the text box
  6. Click on Save

Mail Options

In this section you can specify the contents of various automated messages sent  to various users triggered by different events. The various events which trigger mails are

  • New User added to the group – Subscription Mail
  • User removed from the group – Un Subscription Mail
  • Mail rejected by the moderator – Rejection Mail
  • Mail bounced – Bounce mail
  • Mail received – Acknowledgement
  • Message in Moderator queue – Approval Mail Content
  • Mail to Administrator, when a group member sends mail - Admin member Approval Mail Content –
  • Mail to Administrator, when a non-member sends mail - Admin non-member Approval Mail Content
  • When a mail identified as SPAM is in queue - SPAM Approval Text
  • When the group email id is not in To or Cc –Is not in To or Cc

Based on the type of Group chosen, only some content is valid for the Group. Provide customized content and click Save to save the changes.