Administrator Tools

The administrator can use the Tools in the Control Panel, to verify the domain's MX records or to convert the email headers into readable format. 

Table of Contents

MX Lookup

The administrators can lookup the MX records of the domains they manage from the MX Lookup tool.

  1. Login to as Admin or Moderator of the group. 
  2. Select Control Panel >> Tools.
  3. Select MX Lookup Tab
  4. Select Domain name from the drop down. 
  5. Click check MX to view the MX details of the domain. 
  6. The MX records of the selected domain will be displayed along with the priority details. 

Message Header Analyzer

Email Message Headers are present in all the emails you send and receive via internet. They have uniquely identifiable message ids, the sender, recipients and the subject information and also present various diagnostic information which is useful for Spam identification, message hops, delays and so on. In this tool, you can copy paste the message headers to get the diagnostic information.

The message header Analyzer is useful to analyze the email headers of any email and to find out delays using the hops section below the bottom.

  1. Login to as Admin or Moderator of the group. 
  2. Select Control Panel >> Tools.
  3. Select Email Header Analyzer
  4. Copy the headers of the email which you want to check.
    1. If the email you want to check is in SkyDesk Mail, refer here for instructions to get the email headers. 
    2. For other email services/ email clients, refer this third party link to get the email headers. 
  5. Paste the headers in the text box provided.
  6. The information in the headers will be parsed and provided to you in a readable format. 
  7. In case of any email delays, you can view the hops, to find where the email was delayed. 

The hops are various email servers which are a part of the email transmission and the time delayed in each such hop provides you a overall idea about the where the email was delayed.