Create Users and Mail Accounts

Once your domain has been verified, you can set up user mail accounts by clicking 'Add users' or 'Import users' from the Control Panel. You can choose to add users one at a time by email address or use the bulk upload feature to import up to 200 users at a time with a .csv file.

Enable Email Hosting for Domain

Once your domain has been verified using either the CNAME/ TXT or HTML methods, the email hosting for the domain will be enabled automatically. You can enable or disable email hosting for a domain by clicking the Mail icon for that domain in the domains page. 

If mail hosting for a domain is enabled, an account will only be created for the user when you add them. If mail hosting is disabled, the user will be created without a domain-based mail account. 

When you disable a domain's email hosting, all aliases based on that domain will be deleted.  

Add User Details

  1. Log in to as an Admin or Super Admin
  2. Click Control Panel, then select User Details
  3. Click Add User from the upper portion of the page
  4. Enter the user's first name, last name and username in the appropriate text box, then select a domain from the dropdown menu. 
  5. Provide a password for the user (8 characters minimum). Make sure the user receives this password, as they will need it to log in to their account. 
  6. Click Ok, and the user will be created.


When you create a user, they will be able to login to their account and send emails immediately. However, they will not receive any emails until the domain's MX entries are pointed to the SkyDesk Mail servers. The domain's MX Records can be cross-verified at, a third-party tool that is used to check the domain's DNS records.

Import users from .csv file

To set up users in SkyDesk Mail by importing from a .csv file. 

  1. Login to as an Admin/ Super Admin
  2. Click Control Panel, then select User Details
  3. Select the Import from CSV option
  4. Download the sample CSV file from the right side pane. 
  5. Enter the users' first name and last name in their respective columns.
  6. Enter a 'user name' in the Name column
  7. Provide a 'Password' in the appropriate column. 
  8. The other columns are optional, and you may provide the values based on your requirements. 
  9. Once you have entered all the appropriate data, save the file in .csv format. 
  10. Click Choose File, to select the file that you choose to import.
  11. Select the primary domain, for which the accounts will be created.
  12. If you have multiple domains, and wish to have domain-based aliases, click More, to view and select the additional domains in your organization. 

Invite users to SkyDesk

If any of your organization's users have already registered and linked their SkyDesk accounts with their domain-based accounts, they can be invited to SkyDesk.

  1. Open the Add users section, then enter the users' registered email address.
  2. The invited users will receive an email at their domain-based email addresses.
  3. When a user accepts the invitation, they will be asked to provide their SkyDesk credentials.
  4. Once the user is authenticated, they will become a part of your organization.
  5. This will avoid the loss of data if the user already has any other SkyDesk applications like CRM, Recruit etc linked to his account.
  6. At this point, the organization administrator can reset the account password if required. 

If a user already has a business account with SkyDesk, they won't be able to join your organization. In this case, the user will need to remove their existing organization from their account.

Once a user becomes a part of your organization, any data in their email account will be treated as organization data. If a user account is removed or deleted from your oganization, any data assoiated with that account will be deleted permanently and cannot be recovered. If a user wants to continue using their SkyDesk account without the organizational link, they can remove their association with the organization by changing their acount's primary email address. 


User Login

Once you have created the user accounts, send them their login information and have them test their accounts to make sure they're set up properly.

User Login Instructions

  1. From your web browser, go to
  2. Provide your username (e.g.,
  3. Provide your password and click log in

Now you can access your account and emails. You can send emails right away, but to receive them your account must be configured for email delivery.