Experience the power of the cloud. Move your business to the cloud and transform how you work.

Spreadsheets made accessible.

With SkyDesk Sheet, you can access your spreadsheets from anywhere on any device without installing any software.

Move across platforms with ease.

SkyDesk Sheet makes it convenient to switch between .xlsx, .xls, .csv, and .ods without a problem.

Crunch your numbers.

Analyze data and use the best resources to discover the power user in you.

Have fun with formulas and functions.

Use our simplified formulas and functions to produce accurate results, every time.

Let your data work for you.

Figure out what the numbers are saying. No matter your conditions, our filters let you view and analyze the most relevant data for your business.

Catch your mistakes.

Validate your data and ensure your spreadsheets are free from mistakes before sharing them.

Say more with visuals. Add charts, images, and other tools to convey your message and separate your spreadsheets from the pack.


Make your point and express better with charts. From invoices of your company to sports scores - visualize everything.

Pivot Tables.

Slice and dice your data. Group the information systematically to bring out the real message of your data.

Engage with your team.At SkyDesk Sheet, we make it easy for you to work together.

Share your spreadsheet.

Stop emailing spreadsheets as attachments once and for all. With SkyDesk Sheet, you can share your spreadsheets for easy collaboration, regardless of access rights.

Collaborate in real time.

Edit and correct your spreadsheet with your colleagues as you work.

Work across barriers.

Whether you speak English, Japanese, or Spanish, SkyDesk Sheet is there for you. Set your preferred language and work the way you like.

Work in your preferred tongue.

We support 11 languages so you can choose the one you want and start working.

Set your locale.

Choose to work in the geographical settings that you are comfortable with. SkyDesk Sheet handles the settings of your documents for you.

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