Check-In/Check-out Control

SkyDesk Docs allows you to keep a track of modifications made to files, in a collaborative environment. You can track the versions of the file, who modified it and when. Also, when multiple users have access to documents there are bound to be cases of overwriting and important data can be lost.

SkyDesk Docs provides a check-in/check-out feature that allows only one person to work on the document at one time. The Check-in/Check-out function, is very helpful in a collaborative environment as it prevents team members from overwriting each others changes.

Document Review​

SkyDesk Docs online document management, allows you to share and collaborate your work among other team members in real time. It is common that some team members, may be present at distinct physical location, in such scenarios it is imperative that every team member gets to review and provide feedback on each others work.

SkyDesk Docs 'reviewing' feature helps you to measure the value of the document. In a shared environment, all users can review the document located in their 'Shared to me' folder. They can add comments to the document and also update them later. Users have the option to provide ratings to a document based on the quality of work. You can add documents to your favorite list, which makes your work more interesting.

The shared users can review the document at any time and give multiple reviews to the document. Documents review is an essential functionality especially when you are working in a collaborative atmosphere. Reviewing helps in improving the quality of work, as everyone will be able to contribute by providing valuable insights and also rate the quality of the document.

Online Chat

SkyDesk Docs has a built-in chat feature, which lets you discuss various topics, could be business related or personal, in real-time with users in multiple locations. With this feature you will be able to easily collaborate and exchange ideas and opinions so that the necessary actions or decisions can be taken quicker.

Private Chat

If you want communicate and discuss a certain topic with one single user you can do so through private chat, where messages can be exchanged between you and the individual you wish to chat with.

Group Chat

With Group Chat you can invite and add multiple users under one group and discuss topics pertaining to that group. You can add your friends, family members, colleagues, etc., as different groups to share and exchange views and ideas.

Group Sharing and Collaboration

SkyDesk Docs is also an Online Collaboration tool, where you can create groups and invite friends, colleagues, team members, etc., and share unlimited files with groups and collaborate in real-time. All group members have access to, and edit files online. Group collaboration is one of the main features in SkyDesk Docs which promotes teamwork, no matter where the team members are situated. SkyDesk Docs has a built-in Chat feature, which is useful to discuss with group members and share plans instantly. Restrict or permit specific rights to group members in the organization from anywhere. Manage your group members from a single spot.


Personal Group - In SkyDesk Docs you can form Personal Groups and add friends, family members, etc. The advantage of forming personal groups is that, you can share files, have a group chat and also send emails to group members easily and quickly from SkyDesk Docs.

Organization Group - You can create Organization Groups for members in the organization. To be a member of the Organization Groups, he/she must have a SkyDesk Account, and also must be a part of the Organization. Inside SkyDesk Docs, you can share files instantly, conduct chat sessions to exchange ideas and send emails to the group members. It's now simple and easy to collaborate in real-time.

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