SkyDesk Mail Integration

SkyDesk Docs integration with SkyDesk Mail makes it easier to email documents directly from SkyDesk Docs, or attach files in SkyDesk Mail with the "Attach from Docs" option. You can also upload attachments directly from your SkyDesk Mail to SkyDesk Docs instead of saving them to your local drive. Attachments can also be moved to Workspaces in SkyDesk Docs and will be automatically shared to all the workspace users, without having to going through the tedious process of attaching files and then emailing them to users you want to share them with.

Upload from Google Drive

SkyDesk Docs provides integration with Google Drive, which enables SkyDesk users to directly import any existing documents from Google Drive to SkyDesk Docs. This integration feature saves time and effort, as the users no longer have to save their existing documents to disk storage before uploading to SkyDesk Docs.

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