Admin Console

The admin console makes it easier to carry out administrative tasks and also have control over user actions on various aspects. With the admin console you can manage users, customize logos, manage domains, set permissions for users and much more. As an administrator you can set organization policies to restrict and permit specific rights to users in the organization.

Customize Logo

SkyDesk Docs allows customized branding by replacing the default logo with their own organization logo to enhance your organization's brand identity

Manage Users

As an administrator you can add, import and also invite users to be a part of your organization. You can control the access rights of the user and also change the role and location of the user.

Organization Policies

As an administrator you have the rights to permit or restrict specific rights to the member of the organization and also can define user role policies such as Super Administrator, Administrator or Moderator and Users.

Transfer Ownership of Documents

An Admin can change the owner of a document to another user within the organization. This will be useful, when a user leaves the organization and another user can be assigned to handle the document.


With ediscovery an Admin can search, view documents and their content, of any user within the organization. This will be useful in case of any emergency or if there are legal issues with the document, which have been reported.

Admin Reports

As an administrator, it is essential to monitor the types and volume of content produced by the users in your organization. The admin reports helps you monitor the entire user activities such as the storage space summary, types and volume of documents created over a period of time.

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