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Please note this page contains the descriptions of SkyDesk Services already terminated.

Organizing Emails in SkyDesk CRM

One major means of business communication is email. The communication that you have with your customers needs to be kept for the record. You need to have them organized in a way to quickly access them whenever required.

Without a well organized, email communication in place it could be difficult to connect with your prospects and customers. SkyDesk CRM provides various options to work with your email client and also associate the emails to the customers and prospects within SkyDesk CRM. The email options that SkyDesk CRM provides are:

Built-in Email functionality

Without any email account configured, you can send email to your contacts from within your CRM account and also have them associated to the contacts or leads.

SkyDesk Mail Integration

Enable the SkyDesk Mail Integration and set up your email account within SkyDesk CRM. A copy of all the outgoing as well as the incoming emails are associated to the
corresponding CRM records. You can set up email accounts that use POP3 or IMAP protocols. With this integration, you also get the option to share emails with other users in your organization's CRM account. See Also SkyDesk Mail Add-on.

Using two protocols, you can set up the business email account within SkyDesk CRM.


This option is enabled for users who have enabled SkyDesk Mail Integration. It provides instant notifications when you receive those important customer emails in your inbox that need immediate attention. It intelligently scans your inbox and notifies you of the emails from your prospects and customers in CRM. See Also MailMagent.

BCC Dropbox

When you have multiple mailboxes with different email addresses, all used for business communication, emails sent from different email addresses can still be stored and associated to the contacts in SkyDesk CRM. BCC Dropbox provides a unique email address for each user in your SkyDesk CRM that can be used to BCC emails you send to customers. This unique email address automatically pull in all the emails sent to your leads and contacts in SkyDesk CRM. See Also BCC Dropbox.