Navigational URLs

Listed below are the URLs that are used to navigate or do certain actions in SkyDesk Creator. Please note that all these URLs will work only within the application and not in perma links and embedding.

S. No URL Description
1 #Script:page.back Navigates to the previous URL loaded in the browser's location bar. Provided as an alternate to history.back() in Java script.
2 #Script:page.reload or #Script:page.refresh Reloads the current page(url)
3 #Script:page.close or #Script:dialog.close Closes any dialog that is opened in the page. This will not close the tab or browser window unless it is explicitly opened via a openURL task.
4, openIn) Opens a particular URL/page in SkyDeskCreator. "openIn" is the option to tell where to open the URL. The values for this will be new/popup. If the option is not provided, the URL will be opened in the same window.
5 #Script:page.parent.close Closes the dialogs opened in the parent window as well as the open windows
6 #Script:page.parent.back Loads the parent window to the previous URL
7 #Script:page.parent.refresh (or) #Script:page.parent.reload Reloads/refreshes the parent window
8 #Form:<formLinkName> Loads the current page with any form in the same application.
9 #View:<viewLinkName> Loads the current page with any view in the same application.