Access CRM Fields in SkyDesk Creator


You can now access SkyDesk CRM Field values within a SkyDesk Creator form. For example, assume you are creating an Inventory application in SkyDesk Creator and you have all your product details in SkyDesk CRM. Instead of adding your product details again in SkyDesk Creator, you can just access the "Products" module of SkyDesk CRM and fetch the required values from a SkyDesk Creator Form. This feature is supported for Paid editions only.

Steps to add CRM Fields in SkyDesk Creator

  1. Navigate to Form builder, drag-and-drop the SkyDesk CRM field type.
  2. Select the required CRM module from the dropdown. Let's say, we select Contact Module.
  3. The SkyDesk CRM Contacts module is added as a field to the SkyDesk Creator Form. You can rename the Field Name and the Field Deluge Name under Form Properties.
  4. When you access the form, click on the dropdown icon displayed near the Contacts field to select the required contact from SkyDesk CRM.
  5. The related values of the selected CRM record can be used in the script using the getRecords and getSearchRecords task, as described in CRM Tasks help topic. Use the Field ID(shown in point 2) as the variable name in the script.


  • CRM field type is not supported in published Forms.

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