Give your business the app it deserves.

No two businesses work the same way. And that's why you need a customized solution to sustain your unique process. It doesn't have to be hard, though. Use SkyDesk Creator to build an app that's a perfect fit for your business. You can even make mobile apps to complete tasks on the go.

Build custom applications on the cloud.

You need a right platform to bring great ideas to life. SkyDesk Creator's drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for any non-programmer to build custom applications.

Gather the information you need.

Collect and manage your data through forms that suit your processes.

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Design forms to give you a handle on your business.

Drag and drop fields to collect varied data like names, email addresses, and customer feedback.


Check your data, and check that off your list.

Perform data entry checks and display error messages when incorrect data is entered into your forms.


Reach your customers through different channels.

Customize and embed forms on your websites, blog posts, newsletters, and even on your Facebook page.

Save time with automation.

Streamline your business, and spend your time where it's needed most.

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Make work easier with the script builder.

Drag and drop complex workflows and save time with the Deluge script builder.


Stay up-to-date on work.

Get real-time SMS or email notifications about orders, payments, and other transactions in your application.


Schedule tasks without trouble.

Schedule periodic tasks to send out reports, event invites, and reminders.

Share your data securely.

Let users see only what they need to see. Keep your data in the right hands with SkyDesk Creator's collaboration and sharing tools.


Share your applications with others.

Share your entire application or parts of it through a public link or a private email with users in your organization.


Decide who gets to see what.

Assign roles to your users and provide access to forms and reports relevant to their jobs.


Track changes in your applications.

See who has changed records and when it happened through record audit.

Turn data into meaningful information.

Analyzing data with the right tools. Find insights within your data with SkyDesk Creator's reporting tools such as pivot charts, spreadsheets, and dashboards.

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Shape your data.

Display your data as lists, calendars, summaries, grids, spreadsheets, and more.


Get to your data faster.

Sort and filter your data to fetch the information you need without hassle.


View your data in a glance.

Build custom dashboards to monitor your performance indicators from one place.

Connect your business data.

Integrate your business applications and make data collection easy.

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SkyDesk Apps

Integrated with other SkyDesk's CRM, SalesIQ, and Reports, and manage all data on a single platform.



Process credit and debit card payments through PayPal and accept payments online.


SMS gateway

Configure SMS notifications with the default Creator system, or with other SMS providers like Twilio, Clickatell, Screen Magic, ClockWorkSMS, and Hoiio.