Flexible communication for evolving needs.

SkyDesk Cliq brings flexibility and creativity to team communication, helping teams work freely in unplanned ways. Rather than bore you with a big list of features, we'd prefer to illustrate a few business situations where SkyDesk Cliq has driven rapid action through effective communication.

Improving the quality of your business content.

You head a distributed content team. You create a few public channels, one for each step of the production process. Now anyone within your organization can contribute content ideas; there's a dedicated space for sharing docs and graphics and feedback; and your writers collaborate more effectively with designers and SEO experts. Your writers join and leave content channels depending on their place in the production cycle. Productivity increases, collaboration improves. You go to your pinned chats, update your CMO on this change of strategy and receive a thumbs up emoji.

Handling a business emergency.

Your company is facing a cyber attack. The rules just changed and you must adapt fast. You create an ad-hoc group, adding experts from various teams. Teams use their prefered devices to share docs, reports, press release drafts - from multiple cities and timezones. As new teammates are added and @mentioned, they rapidly get up to speed and contribute. You invite a third party expert into a guest chat, forwarding files from earlier chats. Your team solves the security problem and the attack ends. What a relief! You create a formal group for future emergencies.

Organizing a customer event.

Your company is throwing an event. You research event space, sharing docs and photos with teammates, moving seamlessly on SkyDesk Cliq's web. You visit potential venues, sharing locations to make it easy. As the event approaches, you create a new group for the team on the ground. You drag and drop pictures from the event to celebrate team success in a public company news channel.