Email Marketing gives you maximum results when your emails are targeted, timely and relevant to your audience. You need to make sure that your subscribers fall into the right email series that keep them engaged with your brand.

Email Workflows from SkyDesk Campaigns lets you trigger actions in your mailing lists based on subscriber information that you have. The entire process is automatic and you do not have to send every email manually.

Put Lead Nurture on Auto-Pilot

Create a different series of emails for every stage in your sales cycle. As your lead moves through these stages, workflows move them to separate mailing lists so that the most relevant emails are sent. You define the rules, and once they are setup, the actions are automatic.

Get Better Engagement Rates

Targeted emails get the maximum open and click rates. You can define your email series based on any information that you have about your subscribers in the form of fields - Lead Status, Industry or Location. You not only improve the effectiveness of your marketing programs, but also convert more leads to customers.

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