Build and Grow your Audience

We understand how important your mailing lists are to your business and how refined your lists should stay. We help you stay away from even the smallest of bottlenecks, making your life much more easier, simpler and hassle-free. A clean mailing list and a clean campaign is what your business needs. With the options to create sign-up forms, import contacts or sync lists from your CRM account, you can automate your mailing list management process.

Maintain List Privacy

SkyDesk Campaigns supports both public and private lists. You can use private lists to maintain subscriber lists where contacts cannot subscribe by themselves. For instance, you can have a list of customers to whom you can send notifications about a policy or pricing-related changes. All public lists will have a sign-up form by default. You can set up any number of lists and you can send out campaigns, offers, customer newsletters, e-coupons or event invitations.

Import your Contacts

SkyDesk Campaigns lets you import your contacts from files in the CSV, XLS and XLSX formats. At any given point, you can refer to results from the import history. You can also synchronize contact details from your SkyDesk CRM account. The integration with SkyDesk CRM lets you send targeted campaigns to your leads, prospects and customers.

Segment your Mailing Lists

Instead of sending blanket emails to all your contacts, you can segment your lists and send them only relevant information. You can use the purchasing behavior of your existing customers and send them related product information. This could positively influence the response rate and boost your results. Segmentation shall be based on general customer interests. For instance, a book store may segment their lists based on the topics that each of their customers are interested in. SkyDesk Campaigns allows you to segment your contacts list based on predefined or custom fields like country, gender, age, etc. You can apply combination of multiple conditions to create segments.

Customized Sign-up Forms for your Websites

By default, SkyDesk Campaigns gives you a separate sign-up form for every public list in your account. You can customize these forms to have additional custom or pre-defined fields to collect accurate information from your subscribers. Additionally, you can also display other public lists to allow website visitors to subscribe to multiple lists. You can customize every sign-up form by changing the title, text, colors or fonts so that they match your brand's website. Sign-up form themes let you set your own preferences for the header and footer of your email templates.

QR Codes

We make sure you've every way out to get viewers to subscribe to your mailing list. One such option is the QR code. All public lists will by default consist of a QR Code which can be embedded where ever you want, for e.g., your website that lets viewers subscribe to your mailing lists.

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