Ecommerce Email Marketing

You have an End-of-Season Discount sale running in your Online Store and you want to inform your customers about it. By connecting SkyDesk Campaigns and your Shopify store, you can reach out to your customers and also track sales from your campaigns.

Promote your Products and Offers

You don't have to add products manually while creating your email campaign. All products in your Shopify store are displayed automatically and you can select the ones you want to show in your campaign.

Add to Ecommerce Templates

These are specific templates for your Shopify campaigns. All you need to do is to select the products and a template that suits your needs. You are all set to send out your campaign!

Know who Bought your Products

How many products? Who bought them? How much sales did the email campaign generate? You get all these answers inside your SkyDesk Campaigns account itself. You can then improve your future campaigns for better sales.