SkyDesk Campaigns provides the easiest way to create professional email campaigns with no technical expertise.  We offer the options to explore and customize your account, email campaigns, and integrate with different apps ranging from SkyDesk apps to social media apps.  In this guide, we’ll take a broader look on how to setup the basic prerequisites before starting an email campaign.

Account Settings

Update your account specific settings such as name, email address, region, city and company details such as company name, webpage, company address and brand logo.
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Campaign Settings

Learn how to customize your email campaign by creating personalized tags, configuring new themes for header & footer, sign-up form and add different types of custom fields for your contacts.
Merge Tags   | Campaign Themes   | Sender Address   | Custom Fields  

API & Call back URL

Access to different operations using API for campaign management and list management and receive notifications about the contacts unsubscribed from a mailing list.
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Boost your business activities by bringing all your business and productivity based apps on single platform by integrating with SkyDesk Apps, Social Media Apps, Third-party Apps and Google Apps.Learn More  
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Manage Users

An administrator has full control over activities pertaining to account for hassle-free operations and manage the account with ease. The first user who registers the account with SkyDesk Campaigns will be the account owner and de facto administrator, respectively.
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