Campaign Settings

Merge Tags

You can personalize your messages with your recipients’ name, address and other details by using merge tags. Merge Tags are smart tags that pulls data directly from your mailing list into your email message. You can personalize the subject and also the content.

Learn more about Merge Tags  

Create Campaign Themes

You can design a header and footer to match the appearance of your email campaign. You can also expend efforts in designing just one theme with the customization, brand colors and social share buttons of your choice that you can keep constant across all your email campaigns.

Here is how you create a custom theme using SkyDesk Campaigns.

How to create campaign theme?

To create your own theme,

  1. Go to Settings --> Campaign Themes.
  2. In All Themes page, click AddNew Theme button.
  3. In Add a New Campaign Theme page, give a name to your new theme. Set your created Campaign Theme as a default one.
  4. Clone Theme: This is an option to duplicate the background color, font style & size, alignment and other customizations from a previously created Campaign theme.
  5. Click the Create button which will redirect to Customization page.


  • For first time users, you will see "Create My First Theme" instead of "Add New Theme".
  • Once you set a theme as default, it'll get associated to all your Campaigns.

How to customize header and footer links?

In the header and footer, you can find the display links which show background information such as sender of the email and also provide links such as Update profile and Tell a Friend.

You can choose any of the below links necessary for your email campaigns.

  • View in Browser Option: This is the banner of an email Campaign and provides an option to open the email in a separate browser. Your recipients can view the email campaign by clicking the view in browser link present in the header section of the email. On clicking that link, the email opens in a different window where the following tabs appear.

    Join List – Visitorscan subscribe to the mailing list by clicking the Join List tabpresent in the email campaign link. This option is visible to only those mailing lists that are enabled with sign-up form.

    Translate – This tab is used to translate the email campaign in the foreign languages mentioned in the drop-down menu.

    Share – Recipients can manually share the email campaigns on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest. Users can also view the number of shares made by the recipients on each of the social networks.

    Post your Comment - Your recipients can add comments to your campaigns when they are viewing the email in a separte browser. If you wish, you can use Merge Tags to add the link or icon for "Add Comment" within the content part of the email campaign.

    Print – This icon provides the convenience to print the email campaign directly from the browser.


  • This enhancement also applies when the recipient forwards the campaign to his friends.
  • You can share the campaign on social media where visitors can post comment as Guest.
  • Update Profile: This option allows the customer to update his profile.
  • Subscribe: This option allows recipients to further receive email notifications, updates and newsletters.
  • Tell-A-Friend: This option allows the recipient to forward the email campaign to others.

How to add Company Profile?

This section allows you to enter information relating to your company profile. The information you enter will be used in your footer. This is to let your subscribers know they are receiving emails from a genuine source helping you reduce the no. of spam complaints improving your reputation.

To add company profile, follow the steps below,

  • Company Name – Enter your company name.
  • Company Address – Enter your complete and exact corporate address for your business location.
  • BrandLogo –Add your own logo by clicking the Upload a New Logo option. Website Link – Enter your company website address (or) webpage link.Link Social Pages – Add your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages to the footer section of your email campaign.

How to customize my campaign theme color & fonts?

Make your changes to the header or footer by using the options available on the right side. For example, you can change the font, size, or apply a different font color. You can customize the Header part and customize the same across the Footer by checking the box 'Same as Header Customization'. In this way, you can create a header and footer that appears the same on every page, or you can customize the page with different header and footer options.

  • Ribbon: You can increase or decrease the width of the ribbon of the header and footer.
  • Align: You can either align the message to the left or center of the ribbon.
  • Background: You can change the background color of the ribbon.
  • Border:  You can change the border color of the ribbon.
  • Text: You can change the color, font size & style of the text in the ribbon.
  • Link: You can change the color, font size & style of all links.

Other Customizations

We also provide a few options to change the alignment of your content and to allow for social media share buttons.

Why should I align my email content?

Use our default center alignment: This is an option to align your email content to the center. It has been found that the readability of content is high when the content is centrally aligned.

Use our social share buttons: This allows your recipients to share your campaign on social media.

Sender Address

This applies to the Sender's email address and reply to email address. At times, you would want to use other sender email addresses for a lot of your campaigns and not necessarily use your own email address every single time.

For security reasons, as a stringent measure to prevent any possibility of SkyDesk Campaigns being used as a SPAM tool, we have made it mandatory to use only verified email addresses.

SkyDesk Campaigns ensures you are using the correct email address and the respective owner is also aware of your usage.

How to verify sender addresses?

To verify sender address, follow the steps below,

  1. Go to Settings -- > Sender Address.
  2. In the Add Sender Address page, do the following:
    • Enter the Email Address in the text box.
    • Click Send Verification Email button to verify respective email address prior to usage.
    • A verification link will be sent to the respective email address. Once it is verified by clicking, the email will be listed in the drop down list during campaign configuration.


While you create your campaign, you can send verification email at the time of selecting Sender Email Address. All you need to do is:

  1. Click Add Sender Address.
  2. Enter the Email Address and click Send Verification Email.


  • The email addresses that are verified are listed in the From Email Address and Reply To Address options while creating campaigns.

Custom Fields

SkyDesk Campaigns allows you to create your own custom fields for your contacts where you can store the extra information. With Custom fields, you can fill with any type of information, set character limit and use them to save data which are specific to your business.

How to add custom fields?

To add custom fields, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings --> Custom Fields.
  2. In Custom Fields page, click Add New Field link.
  3. Add the custom field type and provide the Display Label and Field Length.
  4. Click Add button to confirm.

We have different field types to create diverse custom fields ranging from text area field to radio buttons.

Field Type Other Details

To enter a simple text input

Integer  To enter and validate numeric input

To enter a valid email address


To enter a valid phone number


Format: MM/DD/ YYYY

Date & Time


Pick List Specify the pick list values
Multi-select Pick list

Specify the multiple pick list values


To enter Percentage values.


To enter numerical decimals

Radio Button

To choose any one of the predefined set of options.


To choose multiple values

Long Integer To enter numerals with maximum characters

To enter a web address

Text Area

To enter a text input with maximum characters, e.g. Description field.

Applications of Custom Fields

Personalize your email campaigns

Every custom field you create can be converted into merge tags which can be used to personalize your email content. For example, you can remind a subscriber to pay their EMI using the merge tag related to the custom field where the EMI amount would be mentioned.

Segmentation of subscribers

You can make use of custom field as criteria to create segments and filter out the subscribers specific to an email campaign. For example, you can focus on subscribers based on custom fields related to  geographical locations such as city and region and target your email campaign to the subscribers in that region.


  • Padding – You can increase and decrease the space between the page border and the body of theme by adjusting the pixels.