Account Settings

Our account settings constitutes of user profile and company profile. Before you start sending the campaign, you need to set up user profile details such as name, country, region, email, etc. You can also setup company profile and enter information such as name and company address along with the brand logo.

Edit User Profile

Your user profile contains basic information about you. It comprises of name, email, country, region and city related information.

To edit user profile, follow the steps below,

  1. Go to Settings --> User Profile.
  2. In User Profile page, enter the user information in the appropriate fields.
    • Name – This is the name the user will be identified with. Enter your first name and last name.
    • Email – Theuser’s email address related to SkyDesk Campaigns account. This email address will be designated as the sender’s email address.
    • Country – User’s country related information.
    • Region – User’s specific region in a country.
    • City – The exact location or city, where the user is situated.

  3. Click the Update button to save the changes.


  • Updating your location related information will help you to find out the number of opened recipients from your city, region and country.

Edit Company Profile

Before you create an email campaign, it is mandatory to enter basic information about your company. If you are an administrator of a SkyDesk Campaigns account, this page allows you to enter information relating to your company profile. The information you enter will be used in your campaign footer. This is to let your subscribers know they are receiving emails from a genuine source therby helping you reduce the number of spam complaints.

To edit company profile, follow the steps below,

  1. Go to Settings --> Company Profile.
  2. In Company Profile page, enter the company information in the appropriate fields.
    • Name – Enter your company name.
    • URL – Enter your company website address (or) webpage link.
    • Phone – Enter your company’s phone number.
    • Address – Enter your complete and exact corporate address for your business location.
    • BrandLogo –Add your company logo by clicking the Choose File option.

  1. Click Update button to confirm.


  • Company information will be updated in the footer section of an email campaign.