SkyDesk Campaigns provides real time reports of your own campaigns and reports of campaigns sent by other users in your organization. The difference being, your campaign report can be viewed in detailed, whereas, viewing another user's reports will allow you to view a quick summary of the report and to view in detail, depends on your admin and the privileges given by your administrator.

This guide will take you through different facets of Reports based on email campaign, advanced campaign and site analytcs.

Email Campaigns  

In this section, you'll learn how to measure an email campaign based on different metrics such as open, click, unsubscribe, and other subscriber activities.
View Report Summary   | Recipient Activity   | List Based Reports   | User Agent Stats  

Advanced Campaigns  

In this section, you'll find the different types of reports and stats generated on advanced campaigns such as A/B test reports, E-commerce stats and survey stats.
A/B Test Reports   | Eventbrite Reports   | Shopify Reports   | Survey Reports  

Site Analytics and Compare Campaigns  

In this section, you'll check the effectiveness of each of your email campaigns based on number of subscribers they were sent.
Compare Campaigns   | Site Analytics