Merge Tags

Personalize your email campaigns to make your subscribers feel important with the use of easy-to-use merge tags. Shoot your campaign by addressing your subscribers by their first name, last name or anything else you find appropriate.

You can also use our header and footer tags for subscription related operations. Your subscriber will also be able to share the email campaign with others using the footer links we provide.

We will guide you through what merge tags are, its types and why you should make active use of them.

Predefined Merge Tags  

Learn how to personalize your email campaigns with the use of merge tags which replaces the dynamic content present in your contact details.

Basic Predefined Merge Tags

Contact Detail Tags   | Social Share Tags   | Print Tags   | Comment Tags   | Header & Footer Tags   | List Info Tags   

Advanced Predefined Merge Tags

Coupon Merge Tags   | Survey Merge Tags   | RSS Merge Tags   | CRM based Merge Tags  

Contact Custom MergeTags  

Learn how to create custom-made merge tags based on any custom field and personalize your campaign content using such dynamic content.

Create Contact Custom Merge Tags    | Using Contact Custom Merge Tags  

Video Merge Tags  

Learn how to link your favorite videos from YouTube and Vimeo to email campaigns.

Create Video Tags   | Using Video Tags