Social Campaigns

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1. Can I add multiple accounts for Facebook, Twitter etc?

You can add an account each for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as a free user. If you wish to add multiple accounts for each social media network, you need to be in Monthly Subscription plan.

2. What kind of content can I share through a Social Post?

You can share the following:

  • Status.
  • Link.
  • Quotes.
  • Image.

3. Can I schedule content to be posted? How ?

Yes. With Social Campaigns you have the option to time your updates keeping in mind when your target audience is most active online. Just click the Post Later option, to schedule your campaign to be posted at a later stage.

4. I am unable to post a tweet even though it contains less than 140 characters? Why?

If you’re getting the message - "Tweet is too long" it’s because you are using the free plan where we add the word "SkyDeskCampaigns" in the post which will also be counted in the character limit.

5. I created a page campaign but can’t start it on my Facebook page. Why?

Users with either a free plan or subscription plan can start the page campaign. However, in case your subscription expires, you cannot move forward to start the page campaign.

6. I'm a free plan user and want to start a page campaign but unable to do so. Why?

Only a free plan user with a Facebook page having less than 200 fans can start a page campaign. If your Facebook page has more than 200 fans you need to get a subscription plan to start a page campaign.

7. What kind of reports and insights do I get on my Page Campaigns?

You can view stats for page views, number of new fans and the number of fans who viewed the custom tabs. You can analyze the customers and group them into different segments and focus, accordingly. You can also find out the number of visitors who liked your custom tabs and their geographical location.