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1. What does ‘Unique opened’ mean?

If a recipient opened a campaign, it will count as a ‘unique opened’ Repeat opens are not counted as unique opened.

2. Can I send follow-up emails to those users who opened my emails?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Email campaigns and click on the ‘filter icon’. Select ‘Sent’ from the dropdown list.
  2. All your sent campaigns will be displayed. Click the campaign for which you want to see the ‘Opened’ contacts.
  3. Under Summary click on ‘Recipient activity’
  4. The Recipient Activity is displayed. Click on Opened.
  5. You will see ‘Email opened recipients’, click on that.
  6. Follow the flow from campaign creation to scheduling.

3. Can I automate emails for people who have opened/clicked my emails?

If you are under the Monthly subscription plan, you can create an Autoresponder for this. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Automation and choose Email action
  2. Name the Autoresponder
  3. Select the campaign for which you want to get the Opened contacts
  4. Click on ‘Create message
  5. Now select based on subscribers who have opened the campaign
  6. Click on Create.

4. What is Link Click activity? (Including percentage)

This is a part of reports that gives detailed statistics of links in a particular campaign. To find the link click activity for a particular campaign, follow these steps.

  1. Click on Reports and choose the particular campaign for which you want to see the Link Click activity.
  2. Click on ‘Link Click Activity’ from the side menu on the right
  3. The Link Click map will take you to the links in the particular campaign and show you the associated activity.
  4. The Link Click details will show the link and the responses in further detail. 

5. What does ‘unopened’ mean?

These are emails that are received but unopened by the subscribers.

6. How can I share reports?

You can share reports with anyone via a link. Here is how you go about generating it.

  1. Go to Reports and click on the campaign for which you want to see reports.
  2. Click on ‘Share reports’ from the menu on the right.
  3. Enter a password for the link, and click on Generate Report Link.
  4. The report url is generated below. Simply, copy-paste this in another tab to view it.  
  5. You need to share this password with the people you want to share the reports with.

7. What is ‘User Agent’ in reports?

Here you can see what devices your recipients have used to view your email campaigns. The data is expressed in percentage for Mobile, Tablet and Computer. Additionally, you can also see their operating system, email clients and web browsers.

8. What does it mean when one user has opened the campaign multiple times?

Although it is very possible that one user can open the campaign many times, there are also other reasons why a big number is recorded here. A lot of it has to do with technicalities of the spam filter the recipients have. Another reason could be because of email settings with regards to inbox preview panes and email forwards.

9. What does auto-reply mean?

This is an automatic reply configured by the recipient saying that they are away from work.

10. What is ‘Forwards’ in reports?

The ‘Tell-a-Friend’ link is treated as Forwards because of the similarity in function. On clicking the link, you can enter the email address of the person who you want to forward the campaign to.

11. What does ‘marked as spam’ mean?

It means the email campaign has been marked as spam. It also includes cases where an email has gone to

12. What can I do to revive unsubscribed contacts?

It is best you don’t contact people who have exclusively expressed disinterest in receiving your campaigns. That said if you have a requirement where you want to add an ‘unsubscribed’ contact back to the mailing list, we suggest you send a Sign-up form link via personal email.

  1. Go to Sign-up forms and share the link via short url. You can do that when you click on More actions >> Get code >> Short URL for the sign up form of your choice.
  2. Share this link via personal mail with the contact that you want back in your mailing list. 

13. Why can’t other users access my reports?

Please check to see if you have set the right privileges.

  1. Go to Settings >> Manage Users >> Privilege
  2. Enable AccessCampaign Detailed Reports, Stats and its Analysis for all users.

14. Can I export ‘Unsubscribed ‘contacts?

Yes you can. You can do this for a particular campaign or for all campaigns at one go.

  1. For all campaigns, just go to Contacts >> Export Contacts
  2. Under the options under ‘Select contacts to be exported’, choose
    Do Not Mail Contacts’
  3. Scroll below and export in the desired format
  4. For a particular campaign, follow the steps below
  5. Click on Email campaigns and click on the ‘filter icon’. Select ‘Sent’ from the dropdown list.
  6. All your sent campaigns will be displayed. Click the campaign for which you want to see the ‘Unsubscribed’ contacts.
  7. The summary is displayed. Under Summary click on ‘Recipient activity’
  8. Click on ‘Unsubscribed’ and click on ‘Export’ under it.